Top 10 Best Laptop Under 40000 In India 2023 – Reviews and Buying Guide

From attending online classes to working in an office, a mid-range laptop serves the perfect need for almost every job. A great laptop can easily handle multi-tasking, run AA games, and doing some less processor-heavy tasks, a budget of 40,000 INR can offer you an impressive variety to choose from.

Best Laptop Under 40000 Reviews For 2023

A good laptop will come in handy to have a great media browsing experience and do the daily task. If you are looking for a well-made laptop with adequate configuration, looking forward to our list of top 10 best laptops under 40000 in India will come in handy. Let’s get started by checking all the impressive options currently available in the market – 

#1. Acer Aspirelaptop Acer Aspire

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Acer Aspire is one of the most considered laptops, easily available in the Indian Market. You can feel a better experience with the latest aspire series. The laptop has equipped with 4 GB memory and come with a 15.6 display. It offers superior performance and functionality in all conditions. The best quality of Acer Aspire is that it features integrated graphics and a 10th Gen. Intel Core i3 processor, which means your applications will load faster. 

Further, it maintains a strong, and consistent wireless signal during web surfing. You can easily watch videos on full speed internet. However, Acer aspire has an ideal option for them, who are fond of watching the video, video calls and music. This laptop comes with a good battery pick up, which mean it has enough power to work through the day. 

The company is offering laptops in a variety of vivid colours which satisfy customer needs. Because of its lightweight quality, it should be carried easily during travelling. Its narrow-bezel design makes it more compatible and stylish. This laptop comes with Blud Light Shield Technology, which ensures better safety for the eyes. 


  • It is a budget-friendly good laptop.
  • Have good battery backup.
  • RAM is expandable.
  • Come in three different colours.


  • Doesn’t support gaming and graphic software’s.

#2. HP 15 (2021)laptop HP

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HP is one of the most leading and trusted brand offers wide-ranging of laptop from the past few years. HP 15, 2021 is a newly launched laptop that offers AMD PYxen 3 3250U processor. The technology is increasing rapidly, and this laptop match today’s technology. HP 15 features AMX Radeon Vega 6 Graphics and a 15.6-inch display.  

The students, as well as office colleagues, can use HP laptops for preparing school projects and assignments, for attending webinars and lectures, for conferences, etc. It has a thin and light design and offers a maximum of 12 hours of battery life. You need not worry about charging the laptop for the whole day. 

HP laptop has been suitable for every generation. Just because of its Full-size keyboard with numeric keypad, it can be used smoothly. Further, it features an HD camera with an integrated dual digital microphone. Thus, HP laptop is compatible in the term of durability, functionality and range.  The best thing about this product is that the company offers a 1-year domestic warranty with it. 


  • It looks premium; built quality is also good and also working fast.
  • It is a lightweight product. 
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • This laptop is coming with a 1-year onsite warranty.


  • It could have been better if the company has to install processors better.

#3. Dell Vostrolaptop Dell

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Dell of course is the first choice as the brand of many customers. It ensures better processor, quality and durability. The unique thing about this laptop is that it comes with a better operating system and software. This allows you to use the product for an extended period. 

The company always tries to give the best service to the users. It never comprises with the quality in any situation. You can use this laptop for making projects and assignments, for watching videos, for attending online classes, for gaming and many other activities whatever you want to do. It is a new generation laptop, comes with Core i3 – 1115G4 Processor. 

The storage and memory are too good and impressive. Further, it features a 14-inch display and a backlight narrow border display. The laptop sleek design and stylish looks make it more perfect and competitive. The laptop has a 1-warranty, which means if you have any issue with the laptop, you will directly contact customer service. 


  • The product got the best reviews and ratings.
  • It is a newly launched laptop with good performance.
  • Dell is one of the most trustworthy brands.
  • 4.1 GHz maximum turbo frequency.


  • Check the laptop size before buy. 

#4. Mi Notebooklaptop Mi Notebook

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Well, Mi notebook is a newly established company, but it gains immense popularity among customers. Mi Notebook 14 e-learning edition powered by the 10th Generation, can be used for attending online classes and webinars. This laptop is thin, compact and lightweight. 

It will give you a mesmerizing viewing experience with its Anti-glare display. This laptop promises its speed and performance. It can take up a load of the heavy game due to its space and processor. This laptop is thoughtfully designed for an effortless typing experience. The best thing about this laptop is that it comes with scissor-switch keys with a travel distance of 1.3 mm. This will make your typing speed faster and smooth. 

Talking about laptop battery, Mi ensures 10-hour battery backup, it can work throughout the day. Apart from this, it comes with an in-built webcam to your work from the home session and teaching session more productive. It helps you to stay connected with loved ones. 


  • It is a pocket-friendly laptop.
  • It is made from high-quality metal.
  • SSD makes turning on and off fast.
  • This laptop has a very long battery backup


  • The camera image quality is ok. 

#5. Lenovo V14laptop

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Lenovo V14 is integrated with an intel core i3-10gen processor with 2 cores and 4MB cache memory. Its turbo frequency is 3.4ghz. This CPU is i3 1035G1 means there is an integrated graphics card is there. This laptop 14inch FHD screen with 1920 ×1080 resolution, which provides higher screen quality. 

The design of this laptop is very thin, and light, with a 180-degree hinge in it. Its battery backup is appreciable, up to 5.5 hours with heavy use. Storage criteria, 4GB ddr4 RAM which is expandable up to 32GB easily, with 1TB hard disk drive of 7200 rpm, which gives it a fast read and write speed. Window 10 home is preinstalled in it with lifetime validity. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and many other ports like USB, USB-C, HDMI and microSD are also here.


  • This is a very lightweight laptop with approx. 1.6 kg weight.
  • Along with integrated, AMD Ryzen R5 coprocessor is also here for better graphic experiences.
  • V14 is just 20mm thick
  • The lithium-ion battery is there for the durable battery.


  • There is no optical drive port is available in it.

#6. Life Digital ZED AIR CX7laptop Life Digital

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This laptop is mainly designed for personal and business use. Black colour is provided by the company for this model. This is a thin 22 mm and lightweight 1.8 kg laptop. Life Digital laptop has a huge 15.6 inches full HD anti-glare display with 1920×1080 resolutions for enhancement of the viewing experiences. 

This is the key feature that it is presented with the i7 7gen processor, with the integrated intel graphics card in it. That is hard to find an i7 processor laptop in this range. 4 GB ddr3 RAM with the 256 GB SSD is here to boost the speed of the laptop to its maximum capacity. The lithium-ion battery is included with the laptop for better and long battery backup of the laptop.


  • Processor is 7Y75U, where ‘U’ means ultra-power saving type.
  • In this laptop along with a USB-c port ethernet also called LAN port is available.
  • The maximum turbo frequency of this laptop is 3.6 GHz which is enough for fast processing.
  • Flash memory solid-state drive is inbuilt.


  • This laptop is not compatible with higher gaming, where graphics matter.

#7. MSI Modern 14laptop MSI

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Modern 14 is represented by the MSI. As the name suggests has is 14 inches Full HD display. Core i3 10gen is here for the better and smooth functioning of the laptop. In this laptop integrated graphics card is situated within the CPU for playing some kind of game. This laptop has 4GB ddr4 RAM along with a 256 GB solid-state drive. Solid-state drives provide a very high read and write speed in the laptop. 

This laptop can be unfolded up to 180 degrees because of the 180-degree hinge in it. The keyboard of this laptop is very smooth and anti-ghosting, which helps in speed writing in the laptop. The colour of this laptop is carbon grey which extremely suits its design. This is the best choice for students and official uses.


  • This laptop has a full HD display
  • The laptop has an inbuilt graphic processor
  • 180-degree hinge to make it flat to the ground
  • Ultra-lightweight laptop with only 1.3 kg. Weight.


  • Its memory is only 256 GB, so you can only store important docks.

#8. Avita Liber Vlaptop Avita

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This is a thin lightweight laptop with a 14-inch full HD display of 1920×1080 resolutions for better-watching Experiences. Intel i5 10ge with a maximum turbo frequency of 4.2ghz has come along with this laptop for better processing. 

Integrated Intel UHD 620 graphics card is also here to improve visual gaming. Window q0home is provided by the manufacturer with lifetime validity. This laptop is in a variety of colour options like champagne gold, angel blue, cloud silver, and matt black, all the colours look impressive on this laptop. Blackley’s anti-ghosting keyboard is here to make writing better. 

8GB DDR4 RAM with 256 GB solid-state drive is equipped in this laptop. This is an extremely lightweight laptop with only 1.28 kg. This laptop is come with an extra-large touchpad compared to the other laptops.


  • The 2-year warranty is given by the manufacturer.
  • The processor is of U type means it is an ultra-power saver processor.
  • MS 365 is coming with this laptop.
  • The fingerprint sensor and camera are also here.


  • Not any complaint was found for LIBER V.

#9. HP 14s-dy2500TUlaptop HP

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HP 14s-dy2500TU was released in 2021. This is a thin and lightweight laptop that is easy to carry and comes with Intel 11 the gen of core i3 With up to 4.2 GHz Intel turbo boost along with 6 MB L3 cache and 2cores. It has a 14 inch full HD display with 250 nits brightness which gives very high video quality. 

MS office is here with lifetime validity for using the software. Otherwise, you have to buy the MS office aside. 8 GB ddr4-2666 RAM along with 256GB PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD to speed up the laptop to its heights. Intel UHD graphic card is integrated into it. Operate g system window 10 is also here with lifetime validity.


  • It has a G4 integrated graphic card from Intel.
  • There is built-in Alexa as AI.
  • The anti-reflective and anti-glare display is there.
  • RAM is expandable up to 16GB.
  • Storage type is SSD for fast read and writes speed.
  • Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Office are included.


  • This is a little bit costly compare to the other laptops.

#10. Lenovo Ideapad Slim 3laptop Lenovo

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Ideapad slim 3 is a very slim and the best choice lightweight laptop for students, officers, and travel purposes. This laptop is coming with a 15.6inch anti-glare anti-reflective display full HD display. This laptop is provided in the platinum grey colour by the manufacturer which is suits for its compact design.

This laptop has 8GB ddr4 RAM with the huge storage of 1 TB hard disk drive on it. Intel integrated graphic card is always here. Along with these features, Microsoft Office student is in it with lifetime validity. The laptop is designed in a platinum grey colour which increases its looks. The battery is made up of lithium-ion and gives a long battery backup of approx. 7 hours. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are also provided on this laptop.


  • RAM upgradeable up to 12 GB
  • Two stereo speakers each of 1.5 w
  • 220 nits brightness on the screen.
  • 720p webcam is adjusted in this laptop along with the privacy shutters.


  • This laptop hasn’t any disadvantages.

How To Choose The Best Laptop Under 40000

While making your purchase of a laptop, it would be important to know your need before getting started with the research. Here are a few things that you can take into consideration during the purchase time  – 

Your needs

If you want to game, then looking for a laptop with a graphics card is necessary. For multitasking and web browsing, you should focus on higher RAM. For other tasks, you can consider what type of tools you will be using. 

Processor and RAM

At least choose a laptop that packs an Intel Core i3 processor or AMD Ryzen 3 along with 8 GB of DDR4 RAM. Most laptops offer 4 GB RAM at this price point, but you can still find a laptop with an upgradability option. 

Storage Type and Capacity

Hard disc drive or HDD is an affordable storage option and it offers a great capacity, however, it is slow. If you consider SSD (Solid-state drive), it is great in terms of performance, but it is costly. So, you should choose, whether you want more capacity or faster performance. 

Display and Sound

Both, 14 and 15 inches are great size options. You can consider the portability factor and find that 14 inches are a perfect size for almost every job. If you want a laptop dedicated to multimedia, then 15 inches will be a great option. Make sure that you check the sound system and its reviews. 

Battery Backup

Always keep in mind that the battery backup of a laptop is always the primary factor that you must consider. If you will be using the laptop for online classes or office work, the laptop must offer at least 6 hours of battery backup.

These are the key features that you must consider in a laptop that you are choosing under 40,000 rupees. For extra features, you might have to pay extra. 


After checking all the great laptops available in India under 40,000 rupee, the selection of a reliable laptop will be easier. It is more important to understand the type of need before getting started with the research. Laptops which come with an extended warranty option are also perfect to choose from because you can gain additional durability assurance. We hope, going through this list of the top 10 best laptops under 40000 rupees will help you buy an excellent laptop this summer.

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