Top 10 Best Laptop for Kids In India 2023 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Do you want to accelerate the conceptual learning of your child? To shape your kid’s intellectual development, you need to provide them with hi-tech toys or gadgets of high importance. These gadgets will help you accelerate your child’s not cognitive but also physical functions. In this first growing world who doesn’t want to cope up with it and learn even faster. The growth years of children are very important and it’s necessary to provide them with the best possible toys and gadgets which help them grow even faster and smarter.

Best Laptop For Kids Reviews For 2023

These laptops focus on the all-round development of your child. It promotes their motor skills, mathematical ability, logical reasoning, and problem-solving skills. There are numerous types of kid’s laptops available in the market. The laptops are designed differently keeping in mind the child’s age and its features accordingly. A product designed for an 8-year-old child won’t be suitable for a one-year-old. So, it’s important to keep some basic things in your mind before buying a laptop for your toddler.

Below mentioned are some best-selling laptops for your young and creative minds.

#1. Espine laptop toylaptop toy Espine

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Espine has innovatively designed a well-built and fun-loaded activity laptop for young minds. This laptop notebook has proven to provide a better method for learning English. The laptop is featured with four stages of learning. The first one has alphabet recognition and pronunciation. The toddlers learn to read and write capital and small alphabets. The second stage teaches spelling along with spelling tests and picture identification. The third stage helps in recognition and playing musical notes. The fourth stage helps in the pronunciation and identification of numbers.

 The product offered is highly portable and provides accessibility in the teaching-learning process for kids from any corner of the world. The product also comes with a built-in speaker which helps to listen to the correct pronunciation of the letters while the child presses the keys on the keyboard. The laptop notebook also has many games which will keep the interest of the students intact with the learning process.


  • LCD screen
  • Melodies and musical notes are an advantage
  • Different language functions
  • Different learning activities


  • Expensive

#2. Toyify toy laptoptoy laptop Toyify

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Toyify has designed an educational toy laptop for kids aged three years and above. A laptop notebook is a compact form of modern techniques which strengthen the teaching-learning process along with providing fun to toddlers. This laptop can be a good choice to gift to your toddlers. The laptop offers various studying materials like identification of alphabets, numbers, musical notes, etc. The laptop comes with an attached functional mouse which makes it easier for kids and parents to use the product. This laptop is operated by three AA batteries.

The activities included in the laptop are – mathematical equations, alphabet games, logical reasoning for toddlers, typing, video games, Melodies, mini piano, memory fun games, etc. This is a highly recommended product by the customers as it provides a decent educational platform for learning.


  • Great learning platform for kids
  • Includes about 60 activities covering all the educational areas for toddlers
  • The display screen has decent features
  • Many fun activities included
  • Does not require charging


  • The screen is not durable or long-lasting as it is prone to scratches.

#3. Ixora toy laptoptoy laptop Ixora

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Ixora toy laptop is a Chinese product designed to improve the educational values of the kids. The product is for kids aged three years and above. The laptop offers five different stages of learning and comes in a fun and attractive blue color. The first stage offers recognition and pronunciation of letters. The students are also taught to find out the alphabets on the keyboard and press the keys while speaking it loudly. 

The second stage relates to spellings and pronunciations of words. The product also conducts fun tests for spelling. The third stage inculcates the musical skills in a kid by helping them to recognize musical notes in both audio and visual form. The fourth stage comprises number learning – recognition and pronunciation. The fifth stage has various games and activities like falling objects, pair matching, drawing, shooting the stars, etc.


  • Mini piano with in-built 36 melodies
  • Functional mouse
  • Various fun games and activities
  • Light in Weight


  • Poor build quality
  • Poor pronunciation of English alphabets
  • Instruction manual absent which makes the operating of the system difficult for the users

#4. Techno Buzz toy computertoy laptop Techno

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Techno buzz has launched its toy computer in the market recently which offers twenty fun learning games and activities. The product has multiple learning functions which makes it a good option for the customers. The product is made up of chemically free plastic which makes it safe to use with the kids. The product also features a functional keyboard and mouse giving it an appearance of a real laptop. The child develops intellectual abilities with such a product. 

The activities offered on this laptop are divided into five different categories or stages. The different activities included in the product are – recognition pronunciation, and learning of alphabets, punching the correct alphabets on the keyboard provided, writing small and capital letters, identification of different pictures, spelling tests, finding the correct word, learning melodies and musical notes, learning and identification of numbers and mathematical equations, etc. This laptop by Techno buzz comes in bright blue color.


  • Made up of chemical-free material 
  • Safe to use
  • Paired with a functional mouse and keyboard
  • A decent display screens
  • A good option for school going, toddlers


  • A small screen does not justify the cost of the product

#5. Amitasha fun laptoplaptop Amitasha

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Amitasha offers a fun computer cum laptop for kids which is exceptionally designed with 65 games and fun activities fulfilling all the educational needs. The product is made up of a high-quality material which is a safe option for kids and can be used for a longer duration. The laptop is operated by AAA batteries. A functional mouse is attached to the laptop to make it an easy-to-use product for young brains. The product also has a QWERTY keyboard enabling your kids to efficiently work on real laptops by mastering their typing skills. 

This toy laptop engages your kids well with a wide range of learning activities. The activities include spell words, typing games, mathematical fun games, painting tools, memory games, logical reasoning, musical notes, melodies, matching letters with words, etc. The product comes in a bright and attractive pink color. This laptop by Amitasha can be a good gifting choice.


  • Memory building activities are an added advantage to the product
  • Various useful tools like a clock, calculator, countdown, etc
  • Entertaining games
  • Qwerty keyboard
  • The high-quality building material used


  • The screen size is very small
  • The control buttons of the mouse are difficult to locate

#6. Tejisha Mart laptop for kidslaptop for kids Tejisha

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Tejisha Mart has developed an English learner educational laptop for both boys and girls. The laptop comes in multiple colors gaining the attention of the kids and parents both. The laptop is very popular among users for developing the enhanced skills of learning through twenty various activities. The product is combined with a functional keyboard and a mouse. In this era of technological advancement, this laptop can be a good gifting choice if your kid is techno-savvy. The toy laptop by Tejisha Mart with an appealing LCD screen measuring 5cm x 4.25cm gives it an appearance of a real laptop. 

The letters and alphabets are prominently mentioned on the keys. The product runs on 1.5V AA batteries. Above all of the above features, the laptop is very safe to use as it complies with the toy safety standards by BIS. The activities provided on the laptop includes recognition and pronunciation of alphabets, identification, learning and pronunciation of numbers, spellings and word tests, melodies and musical notes, games like falling objects, shooting stars, etc.


  • Multicolour product
  • Attractive and Decent LCD screen
  • A functional mouse
  • The product complies with the safety standards by BIS


  • Poor sound quality
  • No volume control buttons

#7. Concept Toy laptopToy laptop Concept

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The concept has developed a kid’s laptop especially for boys aged three years and above. This product deals with conceptual and cognitive learning, builds language skills, exploring, investigating, and experimenting along with stimulating imagination and creativity. The recreational activities and games on the laptop also help in developing social communication skills for the toddlers. The dimensions of the product as defined are 30cm x 23cm x 10cm and weigh around 990 grams which is one of the heaviest on the list.

 The product offers more than twenty learning and fun activities displayed on an attractive LCD screen which holds the attention of the kids for a longer time. The full-fledged keyboard develops typing skills within the students from an early age which will make them efficient with real laptops at a later age in their lives. The various educational activities offered by the product include English and mathematical concepts of identification, pronunciation, and learning. The musical notes and melodies add to the entertainment element.


  • LCD screen
  • 20 Fun games and activities
  • Develops cognitive learning
  • Slimmer body structure making it portable


  • Overpriced
  • The batteries heat up very quickly
  • Poor sound quality

#8. Jesavi toy laptop and tabletstoy laptop Jesavi

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The toy laptop by Jesavi is designed extraordinarily for kids aged three to eight years old. The product comes in both laptop and tablet form for the kids of today’s generation who are highly techno-savvy. The product comes in a bright blue shade which is an ideal gifting choice for young boys. The product features spellings, vocabulary building, mathematical equations, and many more things.

 The product also offers activities like recognition, identification, and pronunciation of alphabets and numbers. The New Jesavi kids’ laptop and tablets help in improving the creativity and imaginative skills in a child and also teaches them to handle different tasks with ease. The new jasavi product also promotes and develops the intellectual growth of a child. The attached keyboard helps the kids to develop efficiency in typing skills.


  • Improves the ability of a child in handling various tasks with ease
  • Promotes intellectual growth
  • 20 activities and fun games
  • Develops creativity and imaginative skills


  • Very poor build quality
  • The display screen is too small
  • No value for money

#9. MG International Kid laptopKid laptop MG

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The kid’s educational laptop by MG international consists of 65 fun learning activities for your creative and cognitive brains. This laptop is designed for English education and learning which offers a brilliant learning habit. The laptop also provides enhanced English vocabulary building by phonetics, reading and writing skills, and spelling tests. The animated videos attract the attention of the kids’ eyes to the teaching-learning environment. The built-in LCD screen, functional mouse and keyboard, and good sound quality add to the advantage of the keyboard. The different fun games provided are – scrambling the letters, odd and even, tenses, spellings, counting, memory-building exercises, addition, subtraction, melodies, and musical notes, etc.


  • Excellent finishing of the product
  • Classy and slim design
  • Soft buttons to Operate
  • Engages the student well with the learning activities


  • Poor battery backup

#10. Tec Tavakkal laptop for kidslaptop Tec

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This product by Tec Tavakkal comes with various activities which help in developing the creative and imaginative skills of your child. It is an ideal choice for kids aged between 3-10 years. The product offers flashy and bright colors which gain the attention of every eye and appears to be very attractive. The product is also popular among the customers as it comes in an animated and cartoon series. It is suggested as one of the best gadgets for learning. The LCD screen offers a decent display with various inbuilt functions. The functional keyboard enables efficient typing skills among the kids. The mouse provided with the laptop is shaped like an Omnitrix which is safe and attractive for the kids to use. In addition, the sound pad feature offers various audios for the enjoyment of the kids.


  • LCD screen with many functional buttons
  • Ideal for kids aged 3-10 years
  • Omnitrix shaped mouse
  • Sound pad with various melodies
  • Many languages feature


  • Small screen size

How To Choose The Best Laptop For Kids

Before buying a kid’s laptop the first and foremost to be kept in mind is that the laptop is made up of durable material. The product should be from a recognized manufacturer. Do not just randomly pick anything which appears like a kid’s laptop. Kids’ laptops should be a one-time investment thing, you can go around buying them every week. Go with laptops made with polyolefins, plasticized PVC, and ABS, these offer great protection from daily use and rough handling. Check the specifications list before buying any laptop and don’t forget to read customer reviews on the product.

Age of the toddler

Kids’ laptops are designed differently for different age groups. These also reflect different types of activities included in the toddler’s laptop. The laptop required for a one-year-old won’t suit an 8-year-old child. The growth years of a child are very important where children have varying physical and mental limitations. Toys and gadgets play a great role in the growth year of the child. So having the right set of it is important. Age is a real matter of consideration while buying a kid’s laptop.


The consumer should realize the fact that higher-end products are not always worth it. So before buying any product he/she must consider the value of money for a particular product. Kids laptops are based on expert’s knowledge on child development. Go through the full specifications of the product and then decide if the gadget is worth the price tag. 

Desired Features

Kid’s laptops come with several features. These aim to nurture the capabilities of the child and also help them to be engaged. Some high-end laptops even come up with cameras and internet connectivity. These features are quite prone to hacking and can harm your children. However, many features gear up the physical and cognitive functions. These features help a lot in the growth of your child both mentally and physically.

Mathematical functions

The kid’s laptop includes basic math such as – understanding numbers, activities related to addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication, identification of basic geometric shapes, and advanced arithmetic operations.

Language functions

These games involve simple activities related to language such as letter recognition, scrambled words, plural/singular terms, antonyms/synonyms, etc.

Other skills 

 These laptops also have games related to some problem-solving skills. Like word puzzles and shape puzzles.

Weight of the laptop

The laptop should be lightweight so that your kids can carry them easily and use them properly. Kids are way too clumsy and giving them a heavy laptop can be the wrong choice. Most kids’ laptops in the market are plastic-based so they are not too heavy for your child.


A toy laptop can be a very effective method of teaching and inculcating imaginative skills in creative minds. You can choose the right product for your kid depending on your requirements. The list provided above can be a great help to choose the correct educational learning equipment for toddlers.

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