Top 10 Best Laptops Under 35000 In India 2023 – Reviews and Buying Guide

To get a laptop under 25000 is not an easy task but finding a suitable laptop under 35000 is not difficult at all. You will definitely get a laptop with superior configuration and reliability under 35000. These laptops support higher technology and the latest techniques to be used by students, professionals and businessmen. Given below is a list of the most suitable laptops under 35000.

Best Laptops Under 35000 Reviews For 2023

You will get the best one as per your requirements. These laptops are the most useful for professionals, businessmen, students, housewives, and many others in need. Most of the laptops in the list are under 35000 but there are few in the list that are higher than 35000. These laptops are added to the list only to make sure that you don’t miss laptops with better designs, advanced features, and higher capabilities for the sake of a few more rupees. It can be just a matter of a few thousand rupees but in return, you will get an outstanding machine with advanced capabilities. Most of the laptops are below 35000 and you will definitely love to make the deal.

Following given list displays the best laptops under Rs.35, 000/- for you to consider, decide, and  to buy for you and your family.

#1. HP Ryzen LaptopLaptop HP

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The HP Ryzen is a highly useful laptop and it is supported by an AMD processor with 2 cores. The laptop works faster and has 1.74 kg of weight which is lightweight to carry from one place to another. The laptop has 4GB of Ram and 1TB of storage drive makes it highly efficient while storing unlimited data with complete security. The battery life of 8 hours makes it useful during power failures.

The super-speed USB ports can effectively make use of peripheral devices like mic, headphones, speakers, Bluetooth, etc. using the plug and play option. The 15.6” monitor is diagonal in shape and offers high-density image quality using the AMD Radeon graphics technique. Windows 10 allows the laptop to work efficiently with the help of useful features and facilities.


  • High-speed processing makes it enjoyable to work.
  • Displays clean & clear images and excellent graphics.
  • Most useful laptop to use at home or office.


  • Not easily available.

#2. ASUS VivoBook LaptopLaptop ASUS

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The ASUS Vivobook offers Turboboost speed up to 3.4 GHz. The fast Intel 10th Gen processor Core i3 is available with 2 cores. The memory capacity is 4GB RAM and storage is 1TB which keeps the laptop ahead in terms of services. The 14” LED-Backlit monitor offers high-quality images supported by the anti-glare technique. The operating system Windows 10 keeps the laptop ready to use with lifetime validity.

The battery backup allows the laptop to run for long hours even while traveling or during power cuts. The Chiclet keyboard offers a 1.4mm key setup which is noiseless & smooth. The laptop supports advanced applications and the latest games based on integrated technology. The soft-touch keyboard and powerful trackpad offers better navigation.


  • Superior look and excellent performance.
  • The laptop with anti-glare technology displays high-density images.
  • Windows 10 offers lifetime validity.


  • Battery backup should be better.

#3. AVITA PURA LaptopLaptop AVITA

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The AVITA PURA laptop works on an 8th Gen Intel Core i3-8145U processor of high capacity and speed. The laptop looks decent and catches the attention once you place it on the desk. The lightweight laptop is 1.3 kg. The laptop is compact in size, has 4GB of RAM and a storage capacity of 256 SSD which can be upgraded as required. The webcam attached allows you to catch good-quality images. The screen is of 14” size and it is sufficient to work and play.

The battery offers long hours of backup while using the laptop during power failures. The re-engineered keyboard works efficiently and offers soft-touch keys that remain noiseless during long hours of work and while playing games. The laptop with perfect look and performance is always preferred at home or in the office.


  • The long battery backup is useful.
  • The lightweight laptop is easy to carry while traveling.


  • Makes noise during the processing.

#4. Acer Extensa LaptopLaptop Acer

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The Acer Extensa 15 laptop is available at a reasonable price for students, professionals, and also for businessmen and offers high-speed processing with an Intel Pentium Silver N5030 processor. The laptop with a premium look is thin in size and light in weight. It weighs up to 1.9 kg. The storage capacity is higher up to 1TB HDD and internal memory is 4GB RAM.

The laptop offers a strong wireless connection using WiFi connectivity and offers high-quality images during video conferencing. The laptop works on Windows 10 which keeps increasing the efficiency of the laptop. The laptop is supported by a graphics processor that makes image display and image editing easier. The laptop remains handy and can easily fit into your bag.


  • Efficient performance is offered while working for long hours.
  • The lightweight and compact-sized laptops are easy to carry.
  • The battery support and strong connectivity offer the best performance.


  • The packaging needed to be better.

#5. (Renewed) Lenovo Ideapad LaptopLaptop Lenovo

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The renewed Lenovo laptop is well refurbished and is available very rarely in stock. The laptop has undergone various tests to evaluate its performance and processing capabilities. The laptop is inspected by professionals to enhance its functionality and compatibility. The laptop works on Windows 10 and remains powerful even after long usage.

The AMD processor Ryzen 3 3200U processor offers high speed of working and the 15.6’ monitor provides clean images using anti-glare technology. The internal memory is 4GB and the storage is 1TB. The laptop has nice finishing and minimum weight that makes it easy to carry in the bag without any issue. The keyboard is delicate but highly functional during the work.


  • The superior quality laptop is available on limited offer.
  • The high processing & clear display makes it easy to work.
  • Windows 10 offers lifetime support.


  • Not easily available.

#6. (Renewed) Dell LaptopLaptop Dell

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The Dell laptop is rarely available in stock after getting renewed. The laptop undergoes various tests and inspections to check its overall configuration & speed. The laptop is inspected to find various input-output operations and the use of the latest technology by professionals and experts.

The laptop works using Intel Core i3 processor of 6th generation; it also has 8GB of RAM and 512GB of SSD. The laptop looks stylish and remains lightweight. The 13.3’ of the screen is the most ideal to display graphics and crystal clear images. The Notebook is easy to use and easier to carry while going to college or office or shop. It works on Windows 10 pro that keeps the laptop actively working for a long duration.


  • A timely tested and well-configured laptop is the most ideal.
  • The high-speed processor and clear display make it most useful.
  • Easy to carry and easily fits into the bag.


  • Battery backup is limited.

#7. Life Digital Laptop 15.6-inchLaptop Life Digital

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The Life digital laptop is mainly used for multimedia operations and personal usage. The laptop is efficient and works on Windows 10 Home. The screen is 15.6” in size and it offers an enhanced viewing experience while displaying clear and clean images. The high-speed processor Intel Core i7 works faster and offers reliable services for a long duration.

The strong peripheral connectivity allows you to connect various input-output devices such as mic, speaker, headphone, Bluetooth, and many others. The laptop with a full-sized keyboard and trackpad offers useful services. The laptop is compact and stylish and easy to carry during the journey.


  • The laptop offers a high-speed processor which is suitable for long-term duration.
  • The graphics displayed are of high quality.
  • Easy to connect to the other devices as required.


  • The battery needs to be of high quality.

#8. Acer One Pentium Gold LaptopLaptop Acer

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The Acer laptop works with a high-speed processor Intel Pentium Gold 4415u offering highly faster and the most reliable services to the users. The 14” screen with the help of Intel HD Graphics 610 offers outstanding graphics during taking photos, editing images, or while playing games. The 4GB RAM and 1TB of storage keep the laptop ahead and allow storing data safely with complete protection.

The various added ports are the most efficient in connecting the required devices easily without any issue. It can connect mic, headphones, speakers, and various other connections effectively. The laptop offers dual speakers with clear sound at a higher range high-density camera along with the integrated microphone. The portable laptop is easy to use and most useful during journeys.


  • The highly efficient laptop can work for longer.
  • The HD graphics support allows you to have sharp images.
  • The dual speakers and the integrated microphone is an advantage.


  • The battery backup should be more powerful.

#9. HP Ryzen LaptopLaptop HP

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The HP Ryzen laptop is one of the most useful laptops for business operations. The laptop works on Windows 10 operating system that offers complete protection to the system and also to the data stored. It is the latest model of HP 2021 which has become popular in the market at a reasonable price. The laptop supports Vega graphics technology and allows high-density images to be displayed in the form of photos, movies, and animations while playing online gaming.

The laptop is portable in size with a 15” screen and thin borders. The 4GB RAM and 1TB storage make it efficient while you work for a long time. The laptop is best suited for business and you can use it to have a video conference during the meetings.


  • Excellent laptop mainly used for business operations.
  • The high-end graphics allow high-quality images.
  • The latest model offers the latest features.


  • The delivery takes a long time.

#10. Lenovo AMD RYZEN LaptopLaptop Lenovo

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The Lenovo AMD Ryzen laptop works on an AMD processor with 3.5 GHz of speed. The laptop runs on Disk Operating System (DOS). The 14” screen displays high-quality images. It also works on anti-glare technology that helps in protecting the eyes by reducing the glazing of the screen. It is highly recommended to use while working for long hours. The laptop with 4GB RAM and 1TB of storage makes the deal ideal.

The laptop weighs up to 1.85 kg and can be easily held in the hands. The battery backup is provided for about 5- 6 hours during power fluctuations or power failures. The laptop also offers a 3-year warranty on the product. it is an advantage and the product can get replaced against any manufacturing defect.


  • The best quality product is available at the best price.
  • The anti-glare screen is beneficial during long work.
  • The 3-year warranty is also an advantage.


  • The product takes a long time to deliver.

How To Choose The Best Laptop Under 35000

There are certain factors you have to consider before you decide to buy a laptop of your choice. Let’s find out some of the important factors below:


The main criterion of the laptop is performance. In order to, make your laptop offer the best performance, you have to consider the four main aspects –


You have to choose the most suitable processor that works with high speed & and offers quick actions. There are two main processes available in the market: Intel and AMD. Both the processes offer different functionalities, speeds and applications. Intel is used for high-end work and AMD is mainly used for basic to medium-based applications. The cost of Intel is higher than the cost of AMD.


The amount of internal memory you have in the laptop will make it run faster. It will help your laptop to boot faster and also reduces the lag time. 


The data storage requirement of the laptop should be decided. It mainly depends on the processor’s internal memory and the purpose of using the laptop. The storage capacity should be higher than the present requirement because of the changing technology. It allows you to store the information safely under the protection of a firewall.

Graphics capability

The capability of the laptop to display graphics has also become a very important aspect today. The laptop should make use of integrated graphics technology. A higher quality graphics is required while dealing with images, photos, animations, and online games.


You should also consider the screen size and the resolution of the screen. These are the two important factors before we decide to buy a laptop. The higher resolution of the desktop allows images to be seen clearly and cleanly without dots or patches. The high-density images are sharper, clear, and are easy to use during photo editing or gaming.

Display size

The display size of the screen is also important. Display size plays a very important role in deciding the laptop. If you are a person who goes out on tools and travels then you should consider the size of the laptop to be medium because it is easy to manage while traveling. If you are just using it for home or office then you can go for a bigger sized screen also. But remember because the size, more power and battery it utilizes.

Operating system

The operating system manages both hardware and software of your laptop. It also has very useful features and facilities that are useful while using the laptop.

Windows OS

Windows is the most popular operating system which is highly used among computer users. It can easily manage the hardware and the software and make it work without any issue. Windows also supports other software and third for party apps easily. Windows is a user-friendly operating system that has become popular among young and old.

Mac OS

Mac offers the most effective user interface. It makes the application run without lag or delay. It also makes sure that the laptop remains virus-free.

Chrome OS

Chrome operating system is available only for Chromebooks. It is a web-based operating system to be used using the Chrome browser.

Other required features

Touch screen laptop

A touch screen laptop is easier to use and has a simple interface. The laptop can be used as a Smartphone. You have to tap, touch, and drag using your fingers to do the activities.

Fast charging & battery backup

To charge the laptop faster, you should have a better battery backup. The battery is required to work or play on the laptop during power cuts or Power failure. 

The above-given factors will help you to choose the laptop as per your requirements & budget.


The laptops have become part of our home, office, school & college today. The versatility of laptops is increasing day by day with the advancement in technology. Now to get the most suitable laptop for you & your family, you need to know the exact requirements & your budget. You will definitely get a laptop of your choice at a pocket-friendly price.

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