Top 10 Best Laptop under 25000 In India 2023 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Laptops have become a utility today rather than a luxury. Computers, laptops, and mobiles are highly in demand today in India. The use of computers has become so common today that in most of the cities – smaller or bigger in India, where the demand for nicely designed, high-speed laptops is increasing day by day. The Indian market offers a wide range of laptops at different prices.

It is not difficult to find a laptop according to your required configuration and according to your budget in India today. If you are looking for the best quality laptop at an affordable price then you have a wide variety of laptops available in the market from a lower price to a higher price. The laptops are available from the local market to the global market with branded companies offering amazing products at affordable prices.

The branded laptops under Rs. 25,000/ in India are available. There are various websites and reliable web portals and magazines that can help you to find the most suitable laptop according to your budget. There are several web portals available for laptop retail sales. These portals have a set of branded laptops as per the specific configuration or as per the fixed prices. As a marketing strategy, such sites offer perpetual discounts and it helps in buying laptops at affordable rates.

Many branded companies offer premium quality laptops that support advanced technology. Most of these branded laptops are available at reasonable prices along with discount offers. The laptops below Rs. 25,000/- all available in the market that are perfectly useful for everyday work at home or office, all types of businesses, and also for education & higher studies.

Best Laptop under 25000 In India Reviews For 2023

You will find the list of branded laptops given below make use of advanced technology & are well-suited for all the requirements. The cost of laptops is around Rs 25,000 as defined above. The list also includes some laptops with prices a little higher; only because they are highly advanced features & facilities.

#1. AVITA Essential LaptopLaptop AVITA

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The ultra-slim and lightweight AVITA laptop looks amazing in attention when you place it on the desk. Working on the laptop is an effortless experience. The laptop offers outstanding features and supports advanced input-output devices that can be connected and used very easily.

The visual display offers a mesmerizing experience of anti-glare technology. AVITA laptop displays sharp images that are crystal clear. The highest storage capacity and the extended memory capability allow you to store all your data safely.


  • It has a full-sized keyboard which is easy to operate.


  • Charging Jack is not well secured.

#2. ASUS VivoBook LaptopLaptop ASUS

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ASUS VivoBook Laptop offers excellent performance and outstanding graphics. Either you can use the laptop to work or to play games; you will have a wonderful experience. It has a NanoEdge edge display and anti-glare coating that offers excellent visual performance. You can work for long hours without feeling tired.

The ASUS laptop uses the 10th generation Intel core processor that works faster, swiftly, and effectively. The lightweight and easily portable laptops are the best to be used in daily life. You will enjoy the stylish design and the higher performance top offers while you work, play or listen to music.


  • Great value for your money.


  • It works at a slow speed.

#3. (Renewed) Fujitsu LaptopLaptop Fujitsu

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The renewed Fujitsu Laptop works smart and can be easily portable. It works on the Windows 10 operating system and uses the processor Intel which is of superior quality. Internal memory and the external storage capacity are almost unlimited and you can store a lot of information with complete security.

The lithium batteries help you to use the laptop for long hours. The laptop supports the most modern input-output devices which can be configured automatically. The nicely designed Fujitsu laptop offers high speed and displays excellent quality graphics while you watch movies or play games.


  • It has a nice design, highest speed and an excellent display.


  • It does not have an integrated camera.

#4. AVITA Essential LaptopLaptop AVITA

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The AVITA Essential Laptop has a minimalist design in an ergonomics style. The laptop looks thin and lightweight. Intel Celeron processor is extremely fast and allows the laptop to work with higher speed. Dell laptop with SSD storage allows the data to be stored safely by offering protection against cyber attacks.

The graphic core processor works effectively and offers the display in a higher resolution. You can enjoy working on the AVITA laptop, playing games, listening to music, or watching movies easily. The soft-touch keys of the keyboard allow noiseless typing and it is an experience to remember for the users. The stylish laptop gets all your attention when you place it on the desk.


  • A laptop with a warranty is an advantage.


  • The sound quality is low.

#5. RDP ThinBook LaptopLaptop RDP ThinBook

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The RDP ThinkBook laptop is light in weight, compact in size, and smart design. The battery offers 8 hours of strong backup allowing you to work for longer hours on interrupted. The high-speed processor makes the laptop work faster, while you work or send emails or listen to music. Dual speakers and web cameras with a mic can be easily connected and used when required.

The RDP ThinkBook laptop works on Windows 10. The inbuilt antivirus kids the thing is safe without having any damages. It also offers windows firewall technology to control unauthorized access and also ensures data security. The laptop is easy to carry in hands & can fit into the bag during the journey.


  • It controls unauthorized access.


  • Delivery takes a longer time.

#6. (Renewed) LifeDigital LaptopLaptop LifeDigital

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The laptop is one of the best devices used by professionals and also by businessmen. The LifeDigital laptop is renewed by inspecting and testing it. The accessories can be highly compatible and fully functional. The product also offers a 6 months warranty. The windows operating system and the Intel processor combined make the laptop work faster and for long hours.

The renewed LifeDigital is of high quality and offers amazing performances. The product is of high quality and the renewal of the product reduces the electronic waste. The portable laptop can be handled easily. You can easily connect Bluetooth Wi-Fi and transport as when required.


  • It offers more value for your money.


  • The laptop is available rarely.

#7. AVITA Magus Lite LaptopLaptop AVITA Magus Lite

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The AVITA Magus Lite laptop is a next-generation device that is new age trail blazers that make it look innovative. The laptop allows you to express yourself in many different ways. You can work effortlessly. The battery backup is excellent and always offers a longer time to work during power cuts for power fluctuations.

The Intel processor is at its best performing multitasking and allowing fast speed to work. Small in size and portable laptop is easy to carry and when placed on the desk gets all the attention. AVITA Magus Lite laptop has the additional input-output facilities to connect speakers, Mike Bluetooth pen drives and many other devices.


  • A high-speed processor allows higher speed.


  • Available in a single color only.

#8. (Renewed) Lenovo Ideapad LaptopLaptop Lenovo

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The refurbished Lenovo Ideapad laptop is an excellent and most modern device to be used at home or office. The product has been checked under professional guidance and has undergone various tests for its speed and performance. It can support the available accessories that are highly compatible. It supports integrated graphics technology and displays superior quality images with the help of the anti-glare technique.

The Lenovo Ideapad laptop offers 6 months of warranty which is beneficial for the users. The lightweight product is easy to carry and can store large amounts of data safely. Operating system office inbuilt security support and safeguard the device against any virus attack. The laptop is the best for work and play.


  • High-quality product at a reasonable rate.


  • The warranty offered should be of 1 year.

#9. HP Chromebook LaptopLaptop HP Chromebook

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The HP Chromebook laptop offers the most advanced features along with a smart and stylish look. The lightweight laptop is most suitable to use at home or office for school and colleges. Advanced techniques and the latest technology allow us to store unlimited data with the highest security concerns. The high-speed processor allows faster multitasking and quicker browsing.

The keyboard with soft-touch keys allows noiseless typing. The display unit works efficiently and offers high-end graphics without any issues. The battery offers 8 to 10 hours of backup which is highly preferable. Other useful devices can be easily connected and configured while using them.


  • A high-speed processor makes multitasking easier.


  • The camera quality should be improved.

#10. HP Notebook LaptopLaptop HP Notebook

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Value-added HP Notepad laptop offers the latest technology & it works well with the support of durable chassis. The laptop with a high-speed Intel processor is mainly used for all types of business operations. The laptop has fast speed, higher data storage, and the quality of graphics displayed is of high density. The laptop allows you to do multitasking while you work long hours.

You can carry the laptop easily because it is light in weight and easily portable. The keyboard is perfectly designed and remains noiseless. The laptop gets all the attention when you place it on the table while working. The laptop is compatible with many other most modern devices that can be used after connecting.


  • Perfectly useful for business operations.


  • Windows 10 should be loaded and not Windows 7.

How To Choose The Best Laptop under 25000

Following the given factors will help you to decide & buy the best laptop under Rs.25000 in India. There are various brands of laptops available in the market today and the price of every laptop depends on the quality of devices used, performance, speed, and many other factors.

Operating System

The operating system plays an important role while working on computers. Every operating system has its benefits and drawbacks. Decide the suitable operating system

Before you look for laptops of your choice and budget, you have to decide about the operating system to be used.

Windows Operating system

The Windows OS is the most common and highly preferred operating system. It is mainly used for its user-friendly options, in-built security features, and various user-friendly apps. It offers many useful features along with additional facilities that suit the laptops.

Mac operating system

Apple’s Mac OS is also the simplest operating system. It is easy to operate and needs some practice. Generally, the MacOS is made for iPhones & iPads. It offers limited options to the users while operating the MacBook.

Chrome Operating system

Chrome is suitable for laptops and it allows you to do the tasks inside the browser only. It is considered to be the cheapest but powerful operating system with limited operations. It doesn’t allow MS office for Adobe software. You have to make sure which Android apps will work on the operating system.

Linux Operating system

It is the most commonly available operating system that offers open-source alternative apps such as Darktable, GIMP, and Libreoffice.


The speed of the laptop is mainly dependent on the type of microprocessor used in it.

  • Intel processor

 The most efficient and highly popular microprocessor is Intel. The intern processor is core i3 core i5 core i7 core i9. Core i9 is the fastest and core i3 is the slowest processor available

  • AMD Processo

The microprocessor is highly preferred mainly for graphic performance. IT office integrated graphics that allows playing of games and editing videos more effectively.It also offers a dedicated graphics card which improves the performance of only display units.


The memory is divided into internal memory and external memory.

  • Internal memory

The internal memory of a laptop can be varied depending on the type of processor and the required speed. Internal memory can be utilized from 4GB to 16GB.

  • External memory (SSD storage)

The external memory is the amount of space required to store the data in terms of install software, files, images, personal data, etc. The Solid State Drive is the hard disk and its capacity can be in terms of gigabytes.

Display Unit:

The laptops make use of advanced technology that helps in integrating the graphical images and effects. Most of the branded laptops have superior quality display units that offer crystal clear clarity. The laptops make use of well-secured techniques and anti-glare technology which is very beneficial for the users while working for long hours.

Required ports:

To plug in various devices, your laptop should require several ports. The devices such as speakers, mic, Bluetooth, headphones, USB ports, etc. are required to plug & play.


Most of the laptops have an inbuilt webcam facility. You should make sure about the quality of the webcam. The webcam is easy to use and is highly preferred.


The price of the laptop should also be a major factor to be considered while deciding to buy the laptop. Today we have a variety of branded laptops available in the market from a higher value to lower value. You have to make sure about your budget before you make up your mind. There are all branded laptops available in the market depending on the expected price range.


The customer reviews on the products are available on most of the e-shopping websites. You can spend some time looking for the reviews of the customers on various laptops available in the market. The reviews can be from local products to branded one.

It allows you to get more information about the specific brand you are looking to buy a product from. The reviews also offer complete guidance regarding the products, the brand companies, features available, and the service provided along with customer experience.


Before you buy the laptop you should make sure about the purpose and usage of the laptop. You should know if you want to buy a laptop for specific reasons or general purposes. If you want to use a laptop while traveling then you should go for lightweight portable laptops.


Warranty applies to the products is also an advantage while you purchase a product. The warranty available on the laptops will be like a preventative measure that you have taken against any manufacturing defect. The company, according to the policy, will help you in sorting the matter in case of any issue relating to the laptop.

These are the important factors that one has to consider seriously while buying a laptop from the brand company in the market.


The use of laptops is increasing in India. Laptops are used for several reasons apart from using them for specific work or purposes. Most commonly the laptops are used in all types of businesses such as banking operations, marketing activities, educational courses. Also, the laptops are used by individuals from sending emails, making calls, writing reports, creating graphics and design for many other reasons. Reasons and purposes to use a laptop may be different but everyone looks for a lightweight laptop with high speed that supports advanced technology.

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