Top 10 Best Laptop In India 2023 – Reviews and Buying Guide

For professionals, entrepreneurs, software developers, businessmen, and students, the need for laptops is increasing in India today. Laptops are available of different makes, capacities, and sizes. The various branded laptops are popular among people and are used for different purposes. 

As the technology is getting advanced, the laptops too are getting superior with the most modern techniques & enhancing technologies in India. The purpose & usage of laptops varied and they can be used from a grocery shop to a call center, from a bank to a primary school & or can be used to make aeronautical designs or to print a balance sheet.

As the technology is booming day by day, the features & the facilities of the laptop are getting upgraded.

The size of the laptop is reducing but its power is increasing. The processing speed, memory capacity, and additional features that allow a variety of devices to be used, and the increasing flexibility make laptops the most favorite device among the young & old.

The laptop can easily fit into your bags and is the most suitable to be used during traveling. The powerful inbuilt battery helps in using the laptop for a longer time. The lightweight, nicely designed, compact-sized, laptops have become a style statement for the youth in India.

Best Laptop In India Reviews For 2023

The handy and colorful laptops are easy to carry, easy to use and can help in every task a user wishes to do. The soft-touch buttons, audio, video features, and the use of plug and play devices makes the laptop the most versatile device to be used in India. There are a variety of laptops available in the market having been manufactured by branded companies. Laptops have increased the number of people to start online businesses in India. Even the boom for e-banking, e-shopping, and online marketing have made India one of the successful countries in the world today.

Following the given list of laptops will help you to find the laptops of various brands & their details. You can choose the best one for you and your family.

#1. Apple MacBook Pro LaptopMacBook Pro Laptop Apple

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Nicely designed 8th generation Apple MacBook with quad-core Intel Core i5 processor is the most powerful laptop. The strong retina display along with true tone technology and ultra-fast SSD storage are the main features of it.

The magic keyboard features responsive comfort and offers a nice experience while typing. It also displays powerful shortcuts in the front to be seen while using. Touch id offers clear authentication. Thunderbolt 3 combines high bandwidth which is ultra versatility. The various ports are easy to manage and easy to use.


  • Advanced features of the keyboard are useful.


  • Delivery takes a long time.

#2. HP Thin LaptopLaptop HP

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The HP laptop is 15 inches in size and is mainly based on Light Ryzen technology. It has windows 10 along with pre-installed software – MS office and student 19. The laptop is thin and lightweight having 1.82 kg of weight. The battery is powerful and can run up to 12 hours without getting interrupted.

The diagonal-sized laptop offers reliable performance and can be used for a longer time. The laptop is perfect having a higher resolution and a smooth touch keyboard. The laptop is ideal for other students to use during online classes. The laptop supports the various input-output devices using the additional ports.


  • A lightweight laptop is preferred during traveling.


  • It is not easily available.

3. 2020 Apple MacBookMacBook Apple

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M1 chip with high-speed CPU is the most ideal laptop for the professional as well as for the students. The Apple MacBook laptop supports high-end graphics and it can easily run graphics-intensive applications and games very easily. The battery is stronger and works longer for more than 18 hours.

The thin and lightweight notebook is highly faster and remains noiseless as it supports a fan-less design. It has a single tiny chip but it offers incredible performance and works with industry-leading efficiency. It works on Mac operating system and offers complete security. Graphics-oriented powerful applications can be run without any issues.


  • Supports graphics-oriented applications.


  • Available in only one color and design.

#4. Lenovo IdeaPadIdeaPad Lenovo

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The 14-inch designer Lenovo laptop is built with the help of an Intel processor. The laptop offers higher performance and superior connectivity. The laptop is most ideal for entertainment as well as for working. A laptop with a sleek design and advanced features is the most powerful to use.

The laptop is highly compatible with various input and output devices. It has an FHD display and Dolby audio speakers which makes it exceptional among many different brands. The laptop manages the devices very well and also offers regular updates of the software installed. The laptop can be operated between a quick mode or balance mode depending on your requirement.


  • It is a nicely designed high-quality device.


  • Takes a long time to deliver.

#5. ASUS VivoBookVivoBook ASUS

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The ASUS laptop is most ideal for work and play. The 14-inch laptop offers powerful performance and displays crystal clear images. The anti-glare coating makes the display most perfect to be used while doing graphics design. The laptop is powered by an Intel processor with a higher memory capacity.

The laptop has a stylish transparent silver design. The lightweight laptop is easily portable and can be most ideal for the students to carry every day to schools or colleges. The passport has a touch id for validation which is easy to use and no need for remembering passwords. The performance of the battery is higher and it allows the laptop to be used for a longer duration.


  • Stylish looks excellent design and highly powerful.


  • Webcam needed to be of high quality.

#6. Acer Aspire LaptopLaptop Acer Aspire

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The designer Acer laptop looks strong and portable and can be easily handled while moving from one room to another or during traveling. The high-capacity Intel processor works fast and offers excellent services. In this place images clearly without any delay. It is the best device to be used by professionals either at the office or at home.

It has a narrow border. The latest visual technology protects your eyes while working on the laptop. It has a higher memory and bigger storage capacity. The use of USB ports helps in fast data transfer. The audio and video capabilities are outstanding and they will help you to enjoy the most.


  • It has a higher storage capacity.


  • Limited designs & color

#7. Mi Notebook LaptopLaptop Mi Notebook

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The high quality and stylish Mi Notebook laptop are highly preferred by people working at home or offices. The laptop is compact, thin, and light in weight. The high-capacity processor allows you to use it for multitasking operations. The high-capacity battery offers 10 hours of backup without fail.

The laptop is easily portable and can be used with several plug-and-play devices that offer a lot of fun & enjoyment. The laptop can easily help you to impress your friends and family members. The higher memory capacity allows you to store various apps and software easily. The laptop also offers automatic updates and stores the data with complete secrecy.


  • Good quality product for a reasonable price.


  • Battery backup is required to be more.

#8. Dell Inspiron LaptopLaptop Dell Inspiron

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The superior quality Dell laptop has a nice designer look. It works on Windows 10 and it has an Intel processor. The laptop works with high speed and displays high-density images and space images on the wide display screen that remains non-glare. The premium look on the laptop always gets all the attention when you carry it in your hands.

Whether you work on the laptop or play a game it always makes you enjoy it more. The soft-touch keys of a compact keyboard are easy to use and allow you noiseless typing. The battery is long and durable and works for hours. It offers complete security to the data store against cyber attacks.


  • Stylish laptop and clear screen display.


  • No keyboard backlight.

#9. AVITA Essential LaptopLaptop AVITA

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Ergonomic design along with thin borders makes the AVITA laptop look decent. The Intel processor allows the laptop to work at a high speed. SSD storage stores a large amount of data systematically and offers complete protection. The anti-glare screen shows the images with complete clarity. The keyboard is full size and comfortable to use.

The extended battery life of the laptop allows you to use it for 6 hours or more. The lightweight laptop is easy to handle and it can be portable while traveling. The various ports and connectors of the laptop allow the latest input-output devices to be used with accuracy.


  • A stylish laptop increases productivity.


  • The sound quality should be better.

#10. RDP ThinBook LaptopLaptop RDP ThinBook

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The most advanced and highly affordable RPD ThinkBook laptops are popular in the market. The laptop is designed in a tin structure that remains lightweight. You can easily carry the laptop around without any extra weight. The laptop offers high-speed internet access and it remains stable for a long time. The long durable battery offers nonstop performance, while you use it at home or at the office.

The visual display is enhanced because of super- thin-bezel technique. It offers complete gravity value to watch images or movies. The laptop is most useful for the professional businessman and also for the students. The highest storage capacity and the fastest speed make the laptop worth its money.


  • It offers more value for your money.


  • The price of the laptop is higher.

How To Choose The Best Laptop In India

Before you decide to buy the best laptop in India, you should read the following given points regarding the laptops and it will help you to buy the most suitable laptop at a reasonable price.

Operating system

There are three operating systems available for the laptop and you have to choose the most suitable one. 

  • Windows 10 operating system is a highly popular and most secure operating system. It can be used for business operations as well as for personnel usage.
  • The Mac operating system is specifically designed for the hardware to run on the computers. It offers advanced options and it can be used with nicely designed apps.
  • The Chrome operating system is powerful but has limited options & operations. It is available at a reasonable cost and the best suited for the laptop.


The faster and more powerful processor can help in running your laptop with the fastest speed. The processes available in the market are below and you have to choose the best one.

  • Intel processor

It offers highly advanced techniques using Ethernet USB ports and other II useful options for the microprocessor. They are highly authenticated and provide stability and security to the laptops.

  • AMD processor

It is the very strong competition of the brand Intel. It offers exceptional capabilities that make AMD one of the best processors for laptops. It offers a feature of overclocking that increases the speed of the processor while in use.

Display Unit

The display unit is mainly based on two factors: screen size and resolution. The bigger-sized screens make the laptop heavier. Such laptops are not easy to carry while traveling. Large screens are mainly needed while playing online games but for word processing, graphic designing engineering or architecture the screen size need not be large. The resolution of the laptop depends on the choice of range that you choose. Resolution can be high definition (HD) or ultra high definition (UHD).

Touch screen options

The touch screen technology is available with laptops. It is very convenient and offers ease of navigation. The touch screen technology is highly preferred by the laptop users but it increases the cost of the laptop & also it consumes more power or battery charge.


The computer memory is divided into internal storage and external storage.

  • The storage capacity of internal storage (RAM) decides the speed of the laptop. The more the capacity of RAM, the faster it makes the laptop.
  • The external storage is decided on the capacity of the hard disk. The solid-state drive (SSD) technology offers higher capacity disks with quicker & faster operation. The storage capacities depend on the overall laptop configuration.

The overall look of the laptop

Laptops are manufactured in various shapes, sizes, and designs. Laptops have a rectangular shape; it can open to a 90-degree angle to display the screen along with a small keyboard at the bottom. 

  • Ultrabook:

It is a full-fledged laptop that has more capability. It is bigger than the normal laptop and consumes more power. It is larger and more powerful than a laptop.

  • Convertible 2-n-1:

This is a more functional and high-powered device that can be used as a desktop. Remove the attached screen and it can be used as a laptop. It is also a device with more options and higher capacity than the laptop.

Added features

Make sure that the laptop offers the following additional features.

  • Enhanced security

The laptop offers added security options that can offer protection against cyber attacks and viruses. It was to make sure that the malware software doesn’t damage the firmware of the laptop.

  • Collaboration

The laptop can be designed in such a way that it can easily adapt to the latest technology. JEE advanced techniques of integrated applications that use cloud computing webcam microphones can work easily on laptops.

  • Fleet management 

Laptops can be added to the cellular connections. It can help in managing the remote capabilities like tracking the vehicles and the employee is behind the wheel. Most of the businesses in India are run using laptops. The online classes are mainly run on mobile phones or laptops.

Battery life

The main purpose of the laptop is to use in remote areas while traveling. Most laptops have a high-quality battery that remains long and durable. Working on the battery is very important. High capacity batteries and easy recharging options are always preferred.


Most laptops today are compatible with various input-output devices. Make sure about the various connections such as USB ports, audio, video options; wifi connection ports are all available.


Before you buy the laptop you should make sure about the purpose and usage of the laptop. You should know if you want to buy a laptop for specific reasons for general purposes. If you want to use a laptop while traveling then you should go for lightweight portable laptops.


The laptop has become a very essential device to be used in everyday life in India. You have to find the most suitable laptop from the market that can satisfy all your requirements and is available within your budget. Today laptops have replaced many devices that were part of the household earlier, such as clocks, calculators, radio, tape recorders, video players, TV, phones & letters. Also, laptops have become part of business, services, and education on a large scale in India.

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