How To Disable & Enabled Laptop Keyboard

Have your coffee ever spilled over your laptop keyboard and you have faced a very big shock because your keyboard has stopped working? Or your keyboard has suddenly stopped working because of some glitch or overuse? Or even if you just need to clean the dust inside your laptop keys, Then what comes to your mind in such a situation?  

Well if these keyboard-related problems are what stopping you from doing your work or assignment then don’t worry I have got your back, read this article till the end and you will know the solution to your problem. 

First just so you know there are two types of disabling of the keyboard first one is temporarily disable and permanently disabled.


If your keyboard is facing just a little glitch because of which your laptop is not working or some of the keys of your laptops are not working you can choose the temporary disabling of your laptop keyboard.

For this your steps will be:


On the left side corner of your laptop screen click on the search or magnifying glass icon.


Search for device manager in there.


After choosing device manager go for option “keyboard section” and double click.


Now in there, you will have to go down and choose the option “standard PS/2 keyboard”.


After choosing you will see a pop-out showing tab uninstall, click the uninstall tab.


You will see another pop-out just after uninstalling, which will ask you to confirm the uninstalling of the keyboard.

This is it, your keyboard is temporarily disabled and now do not worry too much, whenever your laptop will restart your laptop system will automatically reinstall and then will start properly working. 


This permanent disabling will be a little difficult or you can say deep because you will have to restrict the ability of your laptop to reinstall the keyboard. Now to permanently disable follow the steps given below. 


First, go to the search option and type “gpedit.msc”


Go to the computer configuration and the go for administration template and then select an option saying device installation.


In there you will see an option to prevent device installation, after clicking this you will see many options but go for the option stating prevent device installation not prescribed by policy setting and change it to enable.


That is it. You are almost done, now all you will have to do is follow the steps mentioned in the temporary disabling of the keyboard.

The moment you will follow the steps your keyboard will be permanently disabled and it will not automatically reinstall after a reboot or restart. The keys of your device won’t work anymore.

In case you want to enable the keyboard, all you will have to do is go to the “gpedit.msc” from the search box and then go for the steps mentioned above in permanent disabling of keyboard and disable the option at the end.

This will install the keyboard in your device once you reboot your laptop and then restart your laptop.


Don’t you worry about this, in many computers and laptops they provide you virtual in-built keyboards, this will let you type the words and sentences on your laptop without a physical keyboard.

Mostly this feature is available in laptops which are touch screens, but do not worry even if you don’t have the touch screen keyboard you can still use this virtual keyboard now let us get into how?


On the windows, 10 keyboards you will have to go to the taskbar and click the option “show the touch keyboard”

This will enable the use of a touch keyboard which you can use very easily with your hands if you have a touch screen laptop and if not you can use a mouse to click the letters.

And after the keyboard shows up on the right top side of the keyboard you can see the options where you can easily manage the size of your keyboard and additional keys, and also it provides you different layouts for the keyboard you can choose anyone you are comfortable with.

And in addition to extra features and functions and keys, you will have to  go in the setting and then go to the option “ ease of access”


For window 8-8.1 it is almost similar to the one we did in Windows 10, but the taskbar option is quite a different place so you will have to right-click the toolbar and then go for the “touch keyboard” and activate it.

And same as windows 10 for the extra features, you will have to search for the control panel and then go to the ease of access option the go9  for the option stating “ease of access center” and there you will have to activate the touch keyboard. This will provide you with the traditional PC keyboard with many different features and functionalities.


For Windows 7 you will have to go to all programs and go for the option “ease of access and then go to the on-screen keyboard and turn it on. This will activate your keyboard on the screen and you can effortlessly use it. 

In most of all the laptops on screen keyboard can just not type but shortcuts to work on it. As you press the shift, alt, or ctrl it will show a press down option, and you can continue to use all the shortcuts.


Be it temporary disable to clean the dirt between your clacking keys or be the reason that something like coffee ruined your laptop keyboard, I have answered all the posiibble ways to your question “how to disablee laptop keyboard” and also gave you the alternative to keep using your laptop even if your keys on keyboard are not working.

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