PUBG for Laptop – How to Download PUBG for Laptop & Play it?

PUBG is one of the most popular online multiplayer games across the globe. We are sure that the game needs no introduction. Some time ago, the game was banned in India for various reasons, and many players were left disappointed. Fortunately, the game has been relaunched in India, and the players are thrilled with it. We are sure that you also love PUBG, and you would be willing to play the game. The game is available on multiple platforms, and that makes it easy for you to play it.

Initially, the game was available on Windows, Android, Xbox, iOS, PlayStation and Stadia. After the ban was lifted in India, the game was launched only for Android Devices. This left a section of players disappointed who used to play the game on iOS or Windows devices. The company is still working to bring the game to Windows & iOS; however, you do not have to feel disappointed. You can still play the game on your laptop, and there is a trick to do that. In this article, we have listed the steps and the process for download the PUBG for Laptop and playing it. Be assured that we have tested this process, and it works without any glitches. Also, you would not have to use VPN or proxy to play PUBG, which remains one of the best parts of the process listed below.

Downloading The Emulator

You need to start by downloading an emulator on the laptop. There are different types of emulators available. The first one is the one that can emulate an android setup on your laptop, and the second type of emulators are the ones that set up a dedicated gaming environment for your laptop. A simple google search can reveal a lot of different emulator options available to you. We do not want to recommend any particular emulator as such to create a bias among our readers. Since the article is not sponsored, it won’t be easy to share any one particular option.

You should download the emulator from the official website of the platform. This will ensure that you are not installing any malware along with the emulator. Once the emulator has been downloaded, start the installation process. We recommend you install it in a drive apart from the root directory. This will ensure that you have enough space when you are downloading and saving heavy gaming files. Once the emulator has been installed, you may have to restart the system. Ensure that the internet is connected all the while, or else the process may fail. It can take 5 minutes to 20 minutes for the emulator to download & install. This depends on the speed of your internet connection and a lot of other factors. If the emulator is ready, jump on to the next step. 

Downloading The Game Files

Downloading the game depends on the type of emulator you have installed on your laptop. If you have installed the android based emulator on the laptop, you will have to go ahead and create an account on google first. Now, go to the settings and log in to the Google account to proceed. This way, you will be able to use the PlayStore. In the next step, initialize the PlayStore app and search for the PUBG game. Once you find the game, you would need to download the game. Remember that the game is relatively a large file, so it will take few minutes to download the file. Once the game file has been downloaded or installed, you will be ready to move on to the next step.

If you are using a gaming emulator, then you can initialize the emulator to download the game. You would then have to create an account and log in to your account to start the download process. After you have logged in to your account, click on the game centre and search for PUBG. Click on the download button to initialize the download of PUBG. Wait for the game to download and install. This will take some time because PUBG is a heavy game, and the download time will also depend on the connection speed of your internet.

Setting Up The Game

The last part is to set up the game. Irrespective of the platform you are using, the process remains the same. Start by adjusting the resolution of your emulator and try to enter the full screen mode. During the initialization, the game will still download more files, and these are required for the game to initialize completely. After initializing the game, accept the terms and conditions. You will also have to create your account and select your user name. After everything has been completed, you can check out the controls and adjust the settings. If you have a windows compatible gamepad, then you can set that up as well. Now, you are ready to play the game. Choose your arena and enjoy the game. The process is complete, and usually, you will not face any issue or problem while using an emulator on the game. You can stop using the emulator once the proper windows version has been made available. 

Final Verdict

This was all about installing and playing the PUBG on the laptop. We tested this process on multiple devices, and it works fine. The process is free, and you would not have to pay anything to play the game. Apart from this, the game works well even with a medium configuration PC. If you have a good graphic card, then you are going to enjoy the game even more. If you are not comfortable playing PUBG with the keyboard, you can also buy a controller for yourself, and you will be able to play the game with a lot more agility.

The process is legal, and be assured that playing PUBG with this process will not cause any issue to you. If you face any trouble during the installation or while playing the game, you can reach out to us. We will help you troubleshoot the issue so that you can enjoy the game as well. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and play your favourite game and get the chicken dinner tonight. You can also leave your player ID in the comments below so that other readers can connect with you and form a team.

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