What Is SSD In Laptops And Its Importance?

Solid State Drive (SSD) is one of the new generation devices to store data. SSDs replaced the classical mechanical hard disc drive (HHD) and optical discs. Those old devices are not able to fulfil the requirements of the new generation due to low speed, low storage, and large format factor. SSDs have impressive read/write speed and they boost the performance of computers significantly.

The solid-state drive works in different ways than the other solutions out there. In the solid-state drive, the memory chip is used which is called NAND flash memory. This chip hasn’t any moving parts and has instant access time. SSD saves your read and write time. SSD is derived from the RAM, where data is erased after power loss. Here, below are the importance of the SSD –


The main advantage of the SSD is the read and write speed they provide on the laptop. Access speed of the SSD is 35 to 100 microseconds, which provides 100 times the fast performance. SSD can provide the read/write speed from 800mbps to 2gbps, Which is too fast compared to the typical HDD. This speed can be easily visible at the time of shutdown and start-up. 


SSD is compact and very lightweight. They consume very small space on storage compared to old hard disc drives which consume large space are heavier than SSD. And SSD does not have any moving parts and is mobile-friendly, very useful in constant traveling. If you have to travel with your data constantly then you should buy an SSD for storage.


SSDs are very durable and resistant. They are durable because they do have not any moving parts in the SSD. They are resistant because there are NAND chip is used compared to magnetic derives in the HDD which is prone to oxidization. Along with this, there is not any part that can break like in the HDD. So, SSD has more life span compared to the other storage devices. 

Reliability and Efficiently

Solid-state drives work on the flash memory for storing the data. This is more reliable and efficient than other methods of storing data. The overall moving part is not installed in the SSDs thus they consume less power respectively provide long battery life and performance. Thus it helps in protecting the battery life of the laptop and increases the durability of the laptop and the battery.

SSDs are the modern type of storage and now is used everywhere because of their reliability, and efficiency. There are not any drawbacks to this type of storage.


SSDs are easy to install and doesn’t require any special skill or tools as compared to other types of storage devices in the laptop. In the HDD, there are 2 types of cable require, one for supplying the power to the HDD’s motor to rotate the disc, and the second is required to read and write data. In the SSD, there is no need for a cable. You need to put the SSD into the socket of the motherboard and need a screwdriver. There is a little bit of power required because there is not any moving part that will rotate while working. 

SSD Smartly Fails

When it comes to the loss of data due to damage to the storage device, SSDs fail more nicely than others. In the HDDs, all the data is erased or deleted in a couple of seconds, if the magnetic disc is damaged. So, the HDD does not provide time for you to copy and save your data anywhere else. But in the case of SSDs, data is not deleted. In SSDs before losing the data, SSD lost its capacity. So, you have a lot of time to save your data somewhere else before SSD fails. Spinning discs are do not give any warning as SSDs give a big signal to the user.

Thus, they are not any problem with losing your important data, SSDs provide a lot of time to protect your stored data.

Power Consumption

SSDs consume too little power compared to HDDs. You can ask that SSDs consume negligible power. The reason why they use less power, there is not any moving part that wants power to rotate compared to HDDs. Where the flash disc is rotated with the help of the motor, which consumes a lot of power. SSDs are made up of NAND memory flash chips, which require a very small amount of power compared to other types of storage devices.


Noise is one of the main factors when considering SSDs. There is not any moving part in the SSD, thus they are perfectly silent. In the HDDs, there are many things present, which can produce noise while working. The motor spins at the speed of 1200 RPM, which produces a high-frequency noise. Noise is also produced due to the spinning disc. This noise irritates and annoys anyone. So, if you do not want to irritate yourself, choose SSDs for your laptop.

Best For Gaming And Business

If you play large games on your laptop/PC, then SSD fulfils the storage access requirement easily. HDD is not able to provide instant access to the gaming data. HDD has only 200mbps read/write speed, which is not enough for gaming. Thus, if you want to feel and play an awesome gaming experience then SSD must be your first choice.

In the business, SSD also plays an important role. If you are a businessman then you have to store and regulate big data again and again. If you use HDD then it will take you a lot of time. So SSD helps in business too.

Server Formation

Servers are mainly based on the SSD type. This type of storage is durable and fast. If servers are based on the HDD then they will consume more power, provide less speed and noise produces. Nowadays servers are too important to us. We regularly upload and download data from there, we can’t compromise on speed. Now online server gaming is also available which requires the faster speed of the laptop.

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