Laptop Vs Tablet – Which one you should buy

While you are buying a new device, the main confusion is regarding the form factors. Laptops have replaced the desktops completely now the tablets are threatening the laptops. Some of the brands are designing their laptops to be used as tablets and vice versa. In such a case, many people are confused if they should buy a laptop or a tablet. We decided to call out all the differentiating factors between the two devices. 

Laptop Vs Tablet  – Which is Best for Daily Use

Laptop Vs Tablet

You can go through the points below, which will help you decide between the laptop and the tablet. These comparison factors will make it easier for you to choose between the laptop or the tablet.

Differentiating Points Between Laptop & Tablet


You should first understand the usage of the device. Are you going to use it for working on documents, software development or other similar tasks? Or are you going to use the device for video editing, designing or similar work? This should give you an idea about what should you buy. For tasks like software development, documentation, and excel modelling, the laptop would be more suitable, but the tablet would offer better capabilities for the work that involves designing.


The second question is, how often would you travel with the device? If you are looking for a device that you can travel with all the time, then the tablet would make more sense. The tablets are usually a lot more portable, and they also have longer battery life. The tablets are easy to use, and they also come with 4G connectivity and Wi-Fi support. The Ethernet port is undoubtedly missing in tablets, but who uses an Ethernet port these days.

Battery Life

The next thing that you can consider is the battery life. With laptops, the battery life is usually restricted, which becomes a significant disadvantage if you travel with your device. The advantage of the tablets is that they can offer a longer battery life on a single charge cycle. Both devices may support fast charging, but tablets generally score over laptops when talking about battery life.

Input Capabilities

You can even check the input capabilities. In general, the laptop would come with a trackpad and a keyboard. In the case of a tablet, you will surely get a touch screen, and a lot of tablets also support a stylus/pencil/digital pens. These digital pens can do wonders when you have to draw or make any design. The digital pens are also great for taking notes, editing photos and a lot of other things. Usually, these input capabilities are missing in the laptop. Moreover, you can buy an add-on keyboard with your tablet to do typing intensive jobs.


The ugly truth is that many applications available on the laptop are not available on the tablets. You can take an example of some of these development tools or some of the other processing apps. In such a case, if you use any particular application, you should first check the app store and ensure that the application is available on the tablet. Today, most development centres provide support for tablets and laptops, but it is still worth checking.

Operating System

While we just spoke about the applications, the operating system component remains important as well. You should check what operating system does the tablet has. Some brands load the tablet with an android version which may restrict the capabilities for the user. While Apple has a dedicated operating system for its tablets, some people may want a Windows operating system. Before finalizing the purchase, do consider the operating system.


Some tasks would require you to capture the images. In such a case, you should factor in that the resolution of the laptop camera is not usually excellent. Whereas, with most tablets, you can be assured you have a front-facing and a rear camera. The resolution of the camera in the tablet has a good resolution. Especially if we talk about the Apple Tablets, then the camera resolution is one of the best.


The problem with the tablets is that you would not be able to upgrade them. Whereas, when you are buying a laptop, you can upgrade the RAM and the SSD easily. In most cases, these upgrades are DIY. So, when you are buying the tablet, you would have to choose the configuration, and you will have to stick to the configuration until you are using the tablet. Ensure that you have considered this point as well when you are choosing a device.

2 in 1 Laptop

If you are still not able to decide between the laptop and tablet, then you can also consider some of the two in one option. An example of this can be Microsoft Surface. These products are available with the two in one option, and you can turn them into a tablet by detaching the keyboard. The two in one device can offer great utility to you, especially if you are willing to get the benefits of both the laptop & the tablet.


The last thing on the list is the price of the device. A lot depends on the configurations, but the mid-spec tablets are generally cheaper than the mid-spec laptops. The two in one laptops are expensive, and the pro models of most of the tablets are also costly. It can be challenging to establish a difference in the price until you compare the same configuration of the devices. Also, the peripherals for the tablets are expensive when compared with the laptop.

Final Verdict

These were the main point of difference between the laptops and the tablets. We can say that the choice can differ from one person to another. You should check what would suit you more and make the purchase accordingly. Ideally, if you already have a laptop, then purchasing the tablet makes more sense; however, if you are looking for something that enables you to work on documents, excel, and other similar applications, you should instead buy a laptop. We hope the points listed above have helped you in understanding what you need. In case of any questions, you can leave a comment below.

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