Types of Laptop Bag – A Brief Guide

While choosing a new laptop, people tend to show more interest in higher performance, excellent looks, and whatnot. Most people spend extra to get the best features and function out of their new laptop, however, the same people seem ignorant while choosing a laptop bag. 

Needless to mention that the laptop bag is not just a bag to carry your laptop. It is a specifically designed product with shock-proof material, a waterproof chain system and a lot more. So, buying a laptop bag is simple but still require attention over various essential factors. 

Types of Laptop Bags

Types of Laptop Bag

Among all the key things, the types of laptop bags should be the primary focus. Each type specifies the dedicated using purpose and ensures that your laptop will be safe. So, if you are willing to buy a new laptop bag, acquiring knowledge about the given factors will come in handy. 

Let’s get started with the most common types and their features – 

Laptop backpacks

Unquestionably, laptop backpacks are widely popular around the globe due to their simple and easy to use design. A backpack is essential for every laptop owner because it provides you with the functionality to carry a laptop anywhere without any problem. 

These types of laptop backpacks have two different sections, the top one is to carry extra stuff like chargers, flash drives, external storage and more. The bottom section is for the laptop with a small compartment differentiated by the foam pad. 

You put the laptop in the last sleeve and forget about it. After closing the chain, your laptop is protected from the water drops, and the soft padding will prevent shocks. This laptop back is widely popular among students and corporate employees. 

Features –

  • Offers excellent protection to laptops, iPad, tablets and other devices. 
  • The backpack is lightweight, easy to carry around and perfect for short distance portability. 
  • Equally distributes the weight of a laptop on your shoulders so a 2.5kg doesn’t seem like a big deal. 
  • There are plenty of slots as well as compartments to carry the laptop and other accessories. 

Laptop Sling Bags

Laptop sling bags are specially designed to help you carry the laptop on your side through the strap around your shoulder. These laptop bags look excellent, provide adequate protection. These are mostly preferred by freelancers who work from different locations.

Carrying the laptop on your side provides you extra space to carry other backpacks while travelling. Most people prefer these sling bags due to their excellent look. For students, this might seem like an inadequate solution due to the design and carrying style. 

On the other hand, the only drawback can be found while carrying heavy laptops. Laptop Sling bags are perfect to carry lightweight tablets, compact sized lightweight laptops and other devices. 

Features –

  • Padded sling bags are excellent to protect your thin and lightweight laptop, or tablets.
  • You don’t have any pressure on your shoulders and you can carry other stuff with ease. 
  • The small, lightweight and compact design of sling bags make them look highly attractive for corporate employees. 
  • You can carry the laptop in front or on the sides without having any problem while carrying them. 

Laptop Messenger Bags

When it comes to the purchase of a stylish laptop bag, which also offers excellent protection to your laptop, then a Laptop messenger bag can offer what you are looking after. First of all, this laptop bag type is quite similar to the laptop sling bag with a few differences.

The very first difference is in terms of overall appearance. A laptop messenger bag is slightly thick, made of premium quality material, have extra padding and several slots and pockets with two compartments. Carrying a laptop messenger bag is slightly easier than the laptop sling bag due to having two different options. 

You can use the handle or carry it sideways for easier portability. The elegant look of the laptop messenger bag makes it way more appealing. If you want to carry numerous accessories to the office, the laptop messenger bag won’t disappoint you at all. 

Features –

  • Laptop messenger bags are well-designed with a focus on elegancy in design. 
  • Several designs in terms of slots and pockets offer an excellent variety for students, employees and travellers. 
  • Protection among laptop messenger bags is top-notch and it is hard to compare with any other option. 
  • There are messenger bags made of premium leather and they are unbeatable in terms of appearance. 

Laptop Sleeve Bag

Whether you are willing to travel with a laptop in a suitcase or just want to keep the laptop protected from dust at home, a laptop sleeve can offer excellent functionality in those cases. A laptop sleeve is widely popular and it is also called a portfolio bag. 

A laptop sleeve is lightweight, made of protective but thin material, have a zipper to protect the laptop from dust and it comes in a huge variety. From colour to patterns, and material, you can find an intense variety that will attract you during the purchase time. 

You can also look for the size based on the measurement of the laptop. There are small pockets or slots to carry flash drives, card reads, and small accessories only. So, the only drawback is with the ability to carry more stuff. 


  • Small and lightweight designs ensure an easy to use design. 
  • There are a ton of colour options, sizes and other options to choose from. 
  • The affordable choice to avoid the purchase of an expensive laptop bag. 


Whether you are a corporate employee or a student, choosing the right type of laptop bag will make things easier in your daily life. Understanding the level of protection required for the laptop, design, and your job-related aspects directly affects the decision. Choosing a laptop bag that is designed with protection in mind, have extra pockets, slots or compartments along with durable zippers can ensure the perfect purchase. Make sure that you look after getting a laptop bag, which suits all your basic requirements and adds style to your daily life. 

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