10 Types of Laptop You Should Know Before Buying

The word laptop is used interchangeably, and almost every portable computer is called a laptop. The fact is that you can break down laptops into many different types. There are as many as ten types of laptops that you can find in the market. An example of this can be a business laptop can also be a convertible laptop, or a netbook can also be a tablet as a laptop. In such a case, knowing about the different types of laptops can help you during the purchase. This way, you would know what exactly you are looking for. So, let us move on to the next section and check out the different types of laptops available in the market.

Different Type of Laptop


#1 Business Laptop

Many people use laptops for their business or their jobs. Often, the companies have a specific product line for such requirements and they are called business laptops. These are high configuration laptops that offer an incredible amount of portability for the user. Usually, the specs of these laptops are top-end, and they can handle heavy applications too. Business laptops are considered to be premium ones because of their configuration and price tag.

#2 Chromebook

A few years back, laptops were introduced that were run on Chrome Operating System. ChromeOS is a Linux based OS with advanced features. The laptops that work on ChromeOS are called Chromebooks. These laptops are built in a way that can work seamlessly with cloud-based applications. The data of these laptops are also saved on the cloud. All the apps are available on Chrome Web Store, and some of the Chromebooks can also work on Android Apps. The Chromebooks are very popular among students as they are cheap and they offer optimal utility too.

#3 Convertible

The next type of laptop available is the convertible laptop. They are also called 2 in 1 laptops. The best thing about the convertible laptop is that you can convert them to a tablet or convert them back to a laptop. In most of the models, you can rotate the screen to a 360-degree angle. These laptops also have a touchscreen. Some of the convertible laptops would come with a detachable screen as well. You can explore these options, and they offer high flexibility.

#4 Gaming Laptop

We are sure that you would be aware of what a gaming laptop is. The gaming laptop is usually a top configuration laptop that comes with an excellent graphic card. These laptops are configured to handle the games that you would usually run on the console. Gaming laptops are expensive options, and they are generally in high demand. Alienware is one of the popular segments in gaming laptops.

#5 MacBook

Apple Laptops are referred to as MacBooks. There are several categories available under MacBooks. This includes MacBooks Air, MacBooks Pro and MacBooks. The MacBooks are loaded with Macintosh, and in recent times, Apple also dropped the Intel chipset. Instead, apple started using the in-house M1 silicon. Apple usually offers highly secure solutions, and the performance of the Apple Laptops falls at the top of the line. The MacBooks are generally expensive, but they are among some of the most premium laptops in the market.

#6 Netbook

We have earlier talked about the Chromebook, Netbooks are similar to the Chromebooks, but they run windows or a Linux OS. These laptops have basic configuration, and they are meant for basic work. They are also compact but do not expect much in terms of the performance of the Netbook. 

#7 Notebook

Notebook is a general term used for the laptop, and they also refer to as the full-size laptop. These laptops have a pretty good specifications, and they are also portable. You will find many options here in terms of the processor, memory, storage and even screen size. The good thing about the Notebook is that they are available in all types of budgets. So, you can search for a reliable notebook based on the specification and the utility factor associated with the purchase.

#8 Tablet as a Laptop

Convertible laptops are one thing but tablets being used as a laptop is a different thing. These tablets come with a keyboard attachment, and they also have pointer controls. The tablet can be attached to a keyboard, and you can use it as a laptop for typing and all other things. Similarly, you can remove the keyboard cover to use the machine as a tablet. An example of these machines includes Microsoft Surface or Apple iPad. You can purchase an additional keypad cover and digital stylus with these types of laptops.

#9 Ultraportable

The name ultraportable is the self-defining term. The ultraportable laptops are generally very lightweight, and they are also very thin. Many brands have ultraportable laptops in their portfolio, and these types of laptops usually target people looking for the maximum level of portability. These laptops do not compromise on the performance in any way. Apart from this, the only shortcoming of the ultraportable is that the physical ports can be limited. For example, there may be a missing Ethernet port, or these laptops may only have a USB-C port to reduce the thickness. 

#10 Ultrabook

Ultrabook is quite similar to ultraportable, and Intel specifically introduced this term. The manufacturers laid out specific criteria for battery life, chipset, security feature and size of the laptop to call it an Ultrabook. At the hardware level, the Ultrabook has a stronger security configuration, and these laptops also have specific anti-theft protection at the hardware level. It is hard to break into the laptop as the data on Ultrabook is also encrypted.

Final Verdict

This was all about the different types of laptops, and we are sure that you would have learned new terms after going through all this information. This way, you can also search for the laptop in a better way. Also, when the sales representative throws jargon at you, you will find yourself better prepared to deal with him. We hope that the article would have helped you a lot. If you still have any questions about the types of laptops or if you have any more information to contribute, then you can leave a comment. We will try and respond to each comment on the post. Thank You.

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