10 Laptop Care Tips – Dramatically Extend the Life of Your Laptop

Laptops have become part of our everyday work today. For the students laptops are needed for studying, while attending the online classes, the professionals use laptops to work at homes and offices, businessmen use it for the business operations, housewives use it to learn new recipes, most people use it for playing games, listening to music, watching movies and more.

Most of our work is mainly dependent on the laptops that do all types of work. So it’s very important to take care of the laptop with care & cautions. And it will definitely help you to extend the life of your laptop dramatically.

Let us discuss 10 useful tips that help you to take care of your laptop perfectly well.

#1. Avoid Overheating

Laptops get damaged mainly due to overheating. The overheating is a process that affects several components of the laptop. The heat can reduce the sensitivity of the processor, battery, and even other small components.

In order to avoid laptops getting overheated you should always place it on a flat surface. If you place the laptop on soft surfaces it affects the cooling process as it blocks the air vents completely. Keep the laptop on the desk or table which is the most ideal way to use the laptop. Do not keep the laptop near the hot objects or never use the laptop under a hot sun.

#2. Handle With Care

Laptops are expensive devices which are made of sensitive electronic parts. Though the laptops are lightweight and portable but still keep the laptop in one place instead of moving it regularly.

Never hold the laptop by screen which is very delicate. Do not keep changing the place of the laptop at all. Do not press it while keeping inside a bag or never keep heavy objects over it while travelling.

#3. Use Battery Carefully

The battery fitted inside the laptop is durable for a limited period. If you use the laptop carefully then the battery will remain in good condition. Otherwise, it starts to decline slowly by reducing its power.

Do not overheat the laptop and also do not drain the battery completely if you want the battery to work perfectly well for longer. Do not constantly either drain the battery to 0% or charge it to 100%. Keep it on power saving mode regularly.

#4. Use Inverters Or Stabilizers

Laptops use a higher amount of electricity. The sudden variations in the voltage can affect the charging points and it may cause trouble to the laptop. Sudden surge of fluctuation can cause damages to the motherboards. In case of constant electricity failures make use of stabilizers or inverters for your laptop.

#5. Use Durable Power Cables

The power cables that you use to connect your laptop should be of good quality. Make sure that the power cables are in good condition. The cables can get damaged due to travelling, pinning or pulling. Never make use of cables that are attached with the help of adhesive tapes.

The damaged cables can cause problems. Do not bend or pull the cables while connecting to the laptop. It may cause a short circuit. Make sure that the power cables are in good condition while using the laptop.

#6. Stop Doing Unnecessary Maintenance

Unlike earlier days when people used to scan and clean the computers & laptops spending a lot of time. But it is not necessary today. You can get several scanning and cleaning apps freely on the internet.

These apps are powerful enough to scan and clean your laptops. These apps work effectively to update your laptop and save a lot of time that you may have consumed in scanning & cleaning. You can make use of Windows 10 settings which is very useful in maintaining the laptop.

#7. Get Laptop Protected

The cyber attacks and the security threats are increasing on the computers and laptops in terms of hacking and virus attacks. It is necessary to have antivirus software installed in your laptop which offers complete security to the laptop all the time.

Laptops are needed to have complete security in order to protect personal information and the stored data. Make sure that the software for virus scanning is updated regularly. Make sure that the Windows operating system keeps the firewall activated. Also make use of a good software manager that helps you to keep your laptop locked when required.

#8. Don’t Let Everyone To Use The Laptop

Laptop is an expensive device and it needs to be used carefully. Never allow untrustworthy people to use your laptop. Most people use devices carelessly and it causes serious damages due to bad handling, downloading unnecessary files without scanning and overheating the laptop. You should avoid giving your laptops to other people blindly.

#9. Keep Laptop Away From Pets & Kids

The laptop can get damaged unintentionally also because of children or pets at home. Though you love children and pets at home, you have to be careful while working on your laptop when kids or the pets are near you.

It may cause scratches on your laptop or some of the buttons may stop working. Even the dirty and muddy patches can spoil the laptops with serious damages.

#10. Keep Liquids Away From Laptop

Mostly it is a habit of people to use laptops while having food or drinks. You have to avoid taking liquids such as tea, coffee, soup or any other liquid while you are either working or playing an online game on the laptop.

The liquids like water can cause serious damage to your laptop. It can reduce the sensitivity of the components inside the laptop or it may completely damage the laptop causing you bigger losses. The above discussed precautions are very important to follow while you use the laptop.  And it will help in extending the life of the laptop for sure.


The laptops are getting versatile day by day and can be used for multipurpose. The costs of laptops are also increasing and are getting costlier. So it is necessary to take care of the laptop and to avoid any carelessness. Make a habit to follow the above given tips to have a longer life for your laptop and it also makes you enjoy your time while working on the laptop.

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