Top 10 Best Antivirus For Laptop In India 2023 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Whether you do multi-tasking on your laptop or use it for the multimedia purpose only, the need for anti-virus is a must for everyone. A laptop runs on an operating system, and it is installed with many advanced security features to eradicate malware, viruses and common problem. 

However, a virus or malware is created by a team of notorious hacker groups who want to get into your device to steal data. Viruses or malware work by hiding in files, emails or getting downloaded with content you are downloading from the web. Once the virus enters your system, it can get to access sensitive information and send the data to a remote server. 

Usually, hackers create malware, viruses and ransomware to earn money by stealing data and selling it. Even though you take all the safety precautions, malware can get into your device while opening emails, browsing a website, clicking on links and whatnot. Once your computer or laptop is attacked by a virus or malware, the performance will start to decline at the same time. 

Using an anti-virus can get rid of all such issues by detecting malware and viruses. Anti-viruses are updated on daily basis by the developer company with the data of all the virus files, their types and much more. If you want to save your laptop from getting affected, choosing a powerful anti-virus will be the best option.

Best  Antivirus For Laptop Reviews For 2023

In the Indian market, you can find all the popular anti-virus brands, which are popular on international levels. During the purchase time, most people don’t know that what should they consider. So, here we made a list of the top 10 best antiviruses for laptops in India in 2022. This list contains all the popular names based on their effectiveness. Have a look – 

#1. McAfee AntivirusAntivirus McAfee

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McAfee is an industry-leading antivirus software and this company was found in 1987. This is one of the oldest companies to develop an antivirus and the developers have plenty of experience with a large database of viruses, malware and malicious files. During the purchase of a reliable antivirus, you can’t forget the name of MacAfee. 

This antivirus offers a complete solution with the bundle kit. The antivirus is easy to use, has minimal system requirements, comes with three years of protection and a lot more. The best part is, your antivirus will get regular updates and download them automatically over the internet to keep your laptop protected from malicious files. 

Even most laptop manufacturers like Asus, Acer, Etc are offering McAfee Antivirus in-built for complete protection from the first day of buying the laptop. 


  • 30 years of trusted experience ensure higher credibility. 
  • Ranked as the best by IT companies and enterprises. 
  • Provides online safety with quick time scans. 
  • A large database of malicious files and viruses for effective protection. 
  • Have less system requirement and it is easy to use also. 


  • No cons. 

#2. BitdefenderAntivirus Bitdefender

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When it comes to the purchase of reliable antivirus software for one PC, then choosing Bitdefender might be easy. First of all, it is one of the most affordable antivirus currently available in the market. This antivirus is offering three years of solution for Microsoft Windows and it has a very minimal system requirement to run flawlessly. 

While browsing the web might be insecure in 2021 due to an increase in malware infection through emails. But, this antivirus also offers complete web protection by scanning the sent and received data to your laptop. The best part is, you are also getting Bitdefender VPN, which will let you mask your IP address and browse the web anonymously. 

You can browse websites without letting them know about your exact location to track you for advertisement purposes. In simple words, it is a great antivirus for laptops. 


  • Bitdefender VPN is included for complete online protection. 
  • Offers full PC scan, quick scan, flash drive scan and much more. 
  • Works on a faster scanning engine to reduce time consumption. 
  • Provides disk clean-up and parental advisor features for extras. 
  • Perfectly compatible with every 2021 laptop. 


  • Requires a little time to learn the basic interface. 

#3. Kaspersky Total SecurityAntivirus Kaspersky

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For complete protection to your laptop (whether Windows or Mac), choosing Kaspersky Total Security will serve the best-in-class use. This antivirus offers protection for Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Android. This antivirus has a high-speed search engine, which will get rid of the virus, malicious files ad complex malware within a couple of minutes. 

This antivirus has an easy to use interface and it allows you to scan external drives, full computer, boot time scan and a lot more. You also get real-time protection while browsing the web. Overall, Kaspersky Total Security is a perfect solution to almost every need that you might have. This antivirus offers three years of protection. 


  • Compatible with Microsoft Windows, Android and Mac OS. 
  • The interface is simple and easy to understand for a layman also.
  • You are getting total protection for the internet, flash drives and more. 
  • The price is affordable if you consider the overall period. 


  • Slow with boot-time scans. 

#4. Quick Heal Antivirus Pro Latest VersionAntivirus Quick Heal

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One of the prominent names that you can find in the Indian antivirus market is Quick Heal. If you had a PC in childhood, you must be familiar with the hype regarding the use of Quick Heal and it still feels nostalgic. If you are willing to get the best protection and you don’t worry about the budget, then Quick Heal Antivirus Pro Latest Version will be a perfect choice. 

This antivirus comes with one year of protection period and offers complete protection from malware, viruses, and malicious files. This is a complete bundle, and it packs all the safety features. The updates are regular and you can use this antivirus with ease. The interface is simple and doesn’t require any technical knowledge to use. 


  • The customer support for technical support is 24/7 active. 
  • Provides a complete solution for online and offline security to your laptop. 
  • The antivirus works on a fast scanning engine and it is regularly updated. 
  • You can choose three years plan and save some amount on the subscription. 


  • It is not as affordable as any other option. 

#5. K7 Total SecurityAntivirus K7

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K7 Total Security is a made in India antivirus and it is getting lots of popularity in recent years. This antivirus packs a faster file scanning engine to prevent any issue. The best part is, this antivirus protects while browsing the web and visiting malicious websites. You will be getting a complete solution. 

If you consider the interface, there is a slight learning curve, but you will get used to the interface in a short period. This antivirus is compatible with Windows 7 to Windows 10. Due to the increase in ransomware attacks, this antivirus is also offering protection from ransomware. Your PC is capable of defending against almost every type of virus or malicious file. 


  • This antivirus gets rid of any malicious files within minutes. 
  • It is an easy to use antivirus system with complete protection. 
  • The price is affordable if you consider the one year of protection for such a low price. 
  • This antivirus is made in India. 


  • Slightly slower scanning speed. 

#6. Max Secure Anti-Virus PlusAnti-Virus Max Secure

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Max Secure Anti-Virus Plus is specially designed for the Windows operating system. This antivirus comes with special protection against Ransomware. Ransomware encrypts data. The cost of this antivirus is low so anyone can afford it. This antivirus is available in many different packages like 1 pc 1 year and 2 pc 1 year etc. 

This antivirus works on different windows. This antivirus is directly sent via email, rather than CDs. Max secures can auto-update itself. 24/7 technical support is provided for max secure antivirus by the company. Antivirus is secure because it is Microsoft silver certified. Antivirus provides complete and smart device protection. 


  • This antivirus protects your pc from a spam phishing attack. 
  • Network protection is also provided to track viruses on the web.
  • Along with ransomware, this antivirus also protects from malware.
  • Feature of spyware protection is also here.
  • USB drive protection and device performance management system are also provided.


  • This antivirus is directly installed from the server of max secure.

#7. Norton 360 StandardAnti-Virus Norton 360

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The speciality of this antivirus is, it works not only on windows but on android, mac, and iOS also. This antivirus provides powerful many layers of protection. Norton is tested by the PassMark and proved faster and good antivirus. This antivirus is an AV-test award winner for best performance also. 

Norton is powered by innovative security technology and comes with antivirus, antimalware, and ransomware protection. Rather than other antiviruses, this antivirus provides a secure VPN with bank-grade encryption to secure your PC. Norton guarantees that if antivirus does not keep your device free from the antivirus then they will refund your money back to you. 


  • 10 Gb secure pc cloud storage is provided along with Norton antivirus.
  • 24/7 customer care for technical support is here.
  • Norton provides real-time threat protection.
  • This antivirus monitor communication with the other pc to block illegal traffic.
  • It boosts your device’s speed.


  • This product is a little bit costly than others.

#8. Net Protector NPAVAnti-Virus Net Protector NPAV

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This antivirus comes with very fast delivery via email. Net protector security also has multilayer protection to make smooth, fast, and surfing of internet connection. Net security has firmware protection to reduce unwanted traffic. Antimalware protection against all types of viruses along with ransomware LAN shield to protect data from your PC. 

This antivirus is only compatible with the Windows operating system. The manufacturer of this antivirus is Biz Secure Labs Pvt Ltd which is well-reputed. Altra fast scanning and backup of the OS and program file is available here. This antivirus is easy and simple to use. Antivirus automatically updates itself via email. Instant and fast service is provided by the antivirus 24/7 via email. This is very simple to use and advance antivirus.


  • Antivirus, antimalware, ant rootkit, and advertise blockers are in it.
  • Firewall protection is provided by this antivirus.
  • Email delivery and backup.
  • Lan protection and privacy control. 
  • USB blocker, vulnerability, and share protection are other features. 


  • This antivirus only works on Windows operating systems.

#9. eScan AntivirusAntivirus eScan

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This antivirus is also delivered via email. After order, within 2 hours your antivirus is sent to you. The antivirus is only sent to those email IDs which is registered with amazon. eScan provides smart protection against the malware and other types of the virus. They restrict spam and protect files and folders from viruses. 

eScan provides automatic compression updates to the user for their comfort. This is only compatible with windows but they completely secure your windows pc easily. Critical Microsoft patches are automatically downloaded by the antivirus. It filters traffic that is incoming or outgoing to give firewall protection to the users. This antivirus has predefined filter network traffic to protect your pc from unauthorized traffics. eScan antivirus is easy to use also.


  • This product has better customer reviews.
  • Works on both 32 and 64 bit OS.
  • Provides real-time virus scanning.
  • The database is large and you get full-time protection. 
  • 24 hour in the week technical support is available.


  • This product is non-returnable.

#10. K7 Antivirus PremiumAntivirus K7

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K7 is 1 user 1-year type of antivirus. Email delivery after 2 hours is provided by the antivirus only on the amazon registered email address. This antivirus gives award-winning protection. This also works on the Windows operating system. You can check the system requirement of this antivirus. This antivirus provides comprehensive protection of the data and identity of the user. 

Protect your pc from browser-based attacks and other cyberattacks. By using this antivirus you can easily make safe banking and shopping on your pc. This antivirus is also conjugated with AI-enhanced secure browsing. This has a WIFI adviser to make always safe connections. This also protects your privacy by deleting the activity history. It is simple and can be easily used by anyone. 


  • Antivirus and antispyware protection to protect from the malware.
  • USB vaccination is available.
  • Real-time protection is provided by the K7.
  • Zero-day and smart firewall protection.


  • This antivirus only works on the Windows operating systems.

How To Choose The Best Antivirus For Laptop

An antivirus works by booting up when your laptop start and further scanning the files. All the popular antivirus offer boot time scan functionality and much more. If you are willing to buy the best-in-class antivirus, then looking at the below-given factors can make the purchase easier for you – 

System Requirement

Every antivirus has a system requirement. It is regarding compatibility and adequate functionality. So, you should check that what are the minimum requirements to run a particular anti-virus. If the system requirement matches your laptop, then you can comfortably use that antivirus.

Real-Time Protection

Well, real-time protection means scanning the computer in the current time and keeping an eye on data packs coming to your PC. This kind of anti-viruses detect virus and malware at an early stage and delete them before they attack any file. 

Easy to Use

If you selected an antivirus, then you must ensure that it is easy to use. Choosing a highly popular antivirus that offers a complicated user interface will be a bad choice for people with less technical knowledge. 

Experience of Company

Choosing a company that is offering antivirus for years and have a prominent name in the market is easy to choose. For example, McAfee is a thirty years old company and it is dedicating time to the development of antivirus so choosing this company will be an easy choice.

Active Period

Most antiviruses come with an activation period of one year and unlimited updates. Choosing a long-term plan can help in saving money and you can also compare the price for one year vs a long term option to save extra bucks during the purchase time.  

Responsive Customer Support

Always choose an antivirus, which offers 24/7 technical support. Most companies claim to be the best ones, but you can check reviews to ensure whether they will offer onsite support or not. 

After considering all the given aspects, the selection of a quality antivirus for your laptop will be easy, and you can further get the best use. 


In 2022, most companies, enterprises and small businesses are targeted by a group of hackers to steal personal data for hacking purposes through viruses and malware. You can find plenty of companies dealing with ransomware issues. If you want to protect yourself, installing any of the given antiviruses will prove as an effective safety measure. We hope this list will help find the right antivirus for your new laptop and have a sleep of peace.

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