How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To The Laptop?

The ability to connect peripheral devices through Bluetooth offers a seamless experience and enhances the overall usability. Wireless technology is leaping forward into the many amazing advantages that you can gain with such a small chip built inside your phone or laptop. 

Many types of devices can be easily paired to your laptop through Bluetooth. They are a keyboard, mouse, phones, speakers and a lot. The headphone is one of these devices that can be paired to your laptop easily via YouTube. One requirement is compulsory in this whole procedure, that your laptop must have Bluetooth. One alternative is also available If your laptop doesn’t have Bluetooth, you can plug a USB Bluetooth adaptor into the USB port. Here is the detailed procedure to connect your headphone to your laptop.

How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones

#1. Turn On The Blue Tooth Of The Laptop

After confirming that your laptop has Bluetooth support, you have to turn on the Bluetooth. There are 2 methods to turn on the blue tooth of your laptop. All the methods are easy to follow and here are the steps listed below.

Inaction Centre

action centre is in the right bottom of the screen just right to the time and date on your taskbar. Click or select the action centre, this press on the blue tooth button to turn it on. If there is not any Bluetooth button in the action centre then here is how can you get it. You can expand the action centre to get the Bluetooth button and also you can go to settings> system>notifications & actions> quick action> add blue tooth as quick actions. You can also remove unwanted tools from the action centre from here. After adding it to the action centre you can easily turn it on from the action centre.

In Settings

To turn on the blue tooth from the settings, press the start button and then go to the settings. Now click on the devices and then go to the Bluetooth and other devices. After pressing this button, you can turn on the blue tooth easily.

#2. Turn On The Bluetooth speaker

Now you have to turn on the switch of your Bluetooth headphone. You can turn it on easily with a manual button on the device. After turning on the headphone make sure that it is discoverable by your laptop. If you don’t know the way to how to make your device Discoverable, then go to the manufacturer’s website to learn it. 

#3. Connect To Your Headphone Via Bluetooth

On your laptop, go to the Bluetooth in the setting as mentioned before. Here you can see all the visible devices, find your Bluetooth headphone among them, and select them. After selecting your device, click on the pair button. Now your headphone will connect to it automatically, and you will get a sound from the headphone that conforms to the pairing of your device. 

#4. Need The Troubleshoot

Sometimes your headphone is visible to all your other devices but not in your laptop. In this case, your laptop has an issue locating the headphone device. To get rid of this situation you have to troubleshoot the problem. After starting to troubleshoot in the laptop, your window starts to find the problem automatically in the laptop. Most of the time your laptop will solve the problem, by this method. Now your headphone is visible in the laptop and you can connect it.

#5. Play The Music

After connecting with the laptop, you can play any song or video on the laptop and hear the sound. There are different ranges are available for the different type of the headphone. So if you get out from the range, your device will disconnect from the laptop and now you have to connect it again by following the procedure written above. 

#6. Using The Features Of The Headphone

If you have any advanced headphones then you can control the device’s volume and another setting just on your laptop screen. Otherwise, manual options are also available on the headphone, like volume up and down, next and previous, etc. 

For MacBook Laptop

If you are using a MacBook instead of a Microsoft windows laptop, the procedure is going to vary at many stages. To begin, you can find that MacBook’s are made by Apple and if you are using Air pods, or any other series from the same manufacturer, the procedure is going to be simple. 

  • Turn on your MacBook and then click on the apple logo in the upper left corner. 
  • Now, click on ‘About this Mac’ and learn about the macOS version you are using. 
  • Update your MacBook to the latest version and then the method to connect Bluetooth device will be easy. 
  • As you can find that in the upper right corner, there are all the quick controls available for Bluetooth, WIFI, Battery, etc. 
  • Turn on the Bluetooth by clicking on the toggle button and do the same thing for WIFI here. 
  • Take your Air pods closer to the MacBook and open the lid of your Bluetooth earphone to pair it automatically.
  • You will get a pop-up notification on the Mac and then you can tap on ‘Pair’ to get started. 
  • For Any other Bluetooth earphones, turn on the headphone and get them to pairing mode by pressing the Bluetooth button. 
  • On the mac side, click on the Bluetooth button and you can find that your laptop is searching for new devices. 

As the Bluetooth device shows up, click on it and choose ‘Connect’ to finish the process. This is simple and one of the easy ways to connect Bluetooth devices with your MacBook. 


So this is the easiest procedure to connect your headphone with your laptop. you can follow this procedure step by step to not face any problem regarding the Bluetooth connection. Headphones are one of the best devices for your daily use. It helps you to connect with the sound without any use of the wire and connecting your device to your laptop via the USB cable.

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