Know the i5 Processor in Laptop – Complete Guide

Processors are the powerhouse of the system. The famous brand for the processor includes AMD & Intel. Now, even companies like Apple have started making their processors, but the popularity of Intel is unmatched. When you buy a processor or a computer, you will come across model numbers like i3, i5, i7 and i9. There are many other series as well. In this article, we have attempted to compile a guide about Intel i5 Processors. Let us move along and check out details about i5 Processor.

i5 Processor Guide

The Brand & Series

Under Intel, there are many types of sub-branding in terms of the processor. The popular ones are Core, Pentium, Xeon and Celeron. At the moment, the core series is the most popular one, and it has further divisions like i3, i5, i7 and i9. The divisions further have generations associated with them which indicate s the period of manufacture. For example, the latest 11 generation is the latest one in Intel Core Processors. We will move ahead and talk a little more about the i5 in the sections below.

Generation of Intel Processors

In this section, we have covered some information about the different generations of Intel processors. Check out the details below.

9th Generation

Intel released 9th Generation processors in 2018, and Intel sold the product line till 2019. This was classified by Coffee Lake Refresh. The popular series for the i5 process in the 9th Generation was Core i5-9.

10th Generation

10th Generation of Intel core processors was released in 2019, and the brand retailed them till 2020. The main highlight of the 10th Generation was comet lake and ice lake. The i5 process in this Generation was classified as Core i5-10, which fell under the Ice Lake category

11th Generation

This is the latest generation of the Core processors, and it was first released in the year 2020. This is also the current design classified by Rocket Lack, Comet Lake Refresh and Tiger Lake. The i5 processor under 11th Generation is under Comet lake Refresh, popularly known as Core i5-11.

Configuration of i5

In this section, we will talk about the configuration associated with generation 11 of Core i5 processors. There are 23 offerings in the i5 processor under Gen 11, and we have briefed you about those. The most common option in India is Intel Core i5-11600K Processor with 12M Cache. We will concentrate a little more on that while we talk about configuration. Go ahead and check out the details below.

Number of Cores

The number of cores varies depending on the model that you choose. Minimum cores in the i5-11 processor are 4, and the maximum can go up to 6. In India, the most popular model of the i5 process comes with 6 cores.

Maximum Turbo Frequency

Turbo frequency is the maximum frequency that a processor can touch. Under the i5-11 range, the lower range is 3.70 GHz, and the maximum range is 4.90 GHz. Surprisingly, the processor available in India has a peak performance range of 4.90 GHz.

Base Frequency

The base frequency is the minimum frequency that the processor usually works on. This offers optimal power consumption as well.  Some processors under i5-11 have 1.3 GHz as the base frequency, with the maximum available base frequency is 3.9 GHz. Core i5-11600K also has 3.90 GHz as a base frequency.

Cache Size

Cache size is also responsible for the speed of the processes. A larger cache size can have a very significant impact on the performance of the computer. Intel has integrated smart cache in its laptops, and it manages the cache very well. The minimum cache available in i5 processors is 8MB, and the maximum is 12 MB. The processor that we talked about earlier has a 12MB Smart Cache.

Graphic Processor

Under the i5-11 series, you will find Intel Iris XE Graphics & Intel UHD Graphics. This would define the GPU performance, and you can check out more details about the same.

Features of i5

This section will highlight the features associated with i5 11th generation processors. You can check out the details below.


i5-11 comes with onboard Wi-Fi 6. This offers exceptional connection reliability along with super-fast speed. The processor is built with a Wi-Fi performance management system along with a traffic management system. You also get improved latency, enhanced security and interference avoidance systems.


The processors are also loaded with their performance management system. This feature works in sync with Intel Deep Learning Boost that makes the processor learn your work pattern. Depending on that, the performance adjusts itself.


The i5-11 are also all-rounders. They can deliver you performance for business use, and they can also work as an entertainment hub. You can run VR programs, and you can even play games. There will be no compromise on the quality of video output.

Related Technology

We also want to educate you about the new technologies used in i5-11 processors. You can check out information on these related technologies below.

Graphic Technology

i5-11 comes with intel graphic technology that takes care of the high graphic performance. The Intel UHD Processors will offer an immersive experience along with excellent output.

Thunderbolt 4

i5-11 supports Thunderbolt5. This eliminates the need for multiple cables. One port is enough to power the PC, connect with the UHD display and transfer the data. This is often required in business laptops.

Adaptix Technology

If you need the best possible performance, you can also use Intel Adaptix Technology. This feature helps you to boost the performance using various things. You can edit the graphic settings, and you can even overclock the CPU.

Integrated AI

The AI Feature has neural noise cancellation along with background blur capabilities. This works in sync with Wi-Fi 6 for responsive communication.

Optane Technology

The Intel Optane technology helps you remove the bottlenecks when it comes to storage memory. The processor comes with Optane Technology that is also fast and inexpensive. This allows you in getting the best performance while.

End Comment

This was all about the i5 process. The price, availability and configuration may vary from one country to another. You should also check if the processor is integrated on the motherboard or available as a stand-alone processor. These things are a must when you are buying a processor. Overall, i5 is a reliable & mid-segment Intel Core processor that promises performance at a reasonable price point. If you are looking for an i5 device, then go for gen ten or gen 11.

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