Laptop On Rent – Is It A Good Idea?

In today’s world, you can rent/lease almost anything. You would have seen companies that offer furniture on rent, and there are undoubtedly many companies that provide electrical appliances on the rent as well. We are sure that you would have come across organizations that offer laptops on rent. Many people opt for this service, but since you are here, we are confident that you are trying to understand if it is a good idea to rent the laptop? We are going to help you decide the course of action, and to help you, we have listed all the possible information about getting the laptop on rent. Check out the sections below.

Laptop on Rent – Pros & Cons


Pros Of Getting Laptop On Rent

There are many advantages of getting a laptop on rent. You can check out some of them below, and we are sure that you will like the pros associated with the whole setup.

Customized Duration

The first thing that you would love about renting the laptop is that you will be able to choose a custom duration. The usual minimum duration available is three months, and the maximum has no limit. The higher the duration you opt for, the better price you will get. The longer duration brings you some discounts and additional benefits. You can customize the duration according to your needs, and this is the best part about renting a laptop.

No Worry Of Resale

Even after using the laptop for a year, the resale value of the laptop falls drastically. You lose a lot of money in such a case, but you would not have to worry about selling your laptop when you wish to upgrade. You would not lose anything on the resale, but instead, you can return the laptop and get a new one as per your needs.

Easy To Upgrade

We know a lot of readers who are involved in work that requires a lot of computing power. For them, it becomes mandatory to upgrade the laptop almost every year. If you buy a laptop and upgrade it every year, that can be an expensive affair. When renting the laptop, you can return the present model and upgrade to the latest one. Many companies do offer a free upgrade after a specific time.

Rent & Own Options

Another fantastic thing about getting a laptop on rent is that some companies offer you rent and own options. Now, for example, you have rented a laptop for a year. You can use it, and if the company provides you with an option to buy the model, you can pay a pre-decided amount to purchase the laptop. It certainly helps you in reducing the upfront cost of the laptop as well. 

No Repair Costs

Just like any electronic gadget, the laptop can also break down. After a year of ownership, the warranty usually expires, and you have two options. Either you get the extended warranty to cover yourself, or you pay for the repair. When you are renting a laptop, you don’t have to worry about any of these things. The repair cost in such a case is always covered by the company from which you have taken the laptop on rent. 

Try & Buy

If you are not sure which laptop you should buy and if you like to try using the laptop, then getting a laptop on rent initially can prove helpful. Some companies let you try the laptop for seven days for free, and you can change the laptop after that. If you are planning to buy an expensive machine, you can try that laptop for the minimum possible tenure, and you can then buy it if you like using it.

Cons Of Getting Laptop On Rent

There are also some disadvantages of getting a laptop on rent. We have discussed some of those below so, go ahead and check them out.

Damages May Not be Covered

Sometimes, the laptop may get damaged. It could be because of a drop or because of spillage. Many companies do not cover the damages, and you might be asked to pay for any such damage caused to the laptop. Some companies let you take the additional insurance to secure your purchase against accidents, which may translate to a higher cost. So, you need to be careful about using the laptop.

Lock-In Period

Many companies have a lock-in period when it comes to renting a laptop. This period is usually capped at three months. If you want to return the laptop early, you may have to pay some additional cancellation charges for the lease. You should check all these terms and conditions before you enter into a contract with any organization as this remains a critical part of terms & conditions.

Long Term Cost

If you plan to use the laptop for the long term, it might not make much sense economically to rent the laptop. You can also try and buy the product on EMI. Calculate the additional amount you would be paying for a two year ownership period or three year ownership period. The EMI options are readily available on credit cards and consumer durable loans. So, it becomes vital to explore the option for calculating the feasibility in the long term.

Data Transfer

When you are using a laptop, we are sure that you would be saving a lot of data. In such a case, when you have rented a laptop and when you are returning the laptop, you will have to transfer the data to the new laptop. You will also have to be careful that you have not saved any password or any sensitive file on the rented laptop as that can be misused. 

Limited Options

When you are renting a laptop, you will get limited options. There is also a possibility that you will not find the model you want, and hence you may end up settling for something else. You would need to explore multiple websites to get the desired laptop or configuration.

Final Verdict

This was all about renting a laptop. We don’t want to give you a final decision based on our opinion since your requirements may differ. Please analyze your needs and make a decision accordingly. In some cases, getting a laptop on rent may offer more value than buying the laptop. So, do your analysis and take a call.

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