How To Download YouTube Videos On A Laptop?

Among all the video streaming platforms, YouTube is one of the prominent ones due to the adoption of this portal around the globe. From songs to educational content, there is everything that makes YouTube a perfect platform to consume media. You can watch video blogs, listen to the podcast, stream songs, go live for your audience or educate people with informative videos. 

There is no other portal that allows you such a wide number of features in one place. YouTube pay its content creator by sharing the revenue generated through ads and YouTube also prevent the content from stealing. However, many people want to download the content for fair use, to watch those videos offline while travelling and whatnot. There are many reasons which make users download the video from YouTube. 

If you are willing to download videos from YouTube, we are mentioning some of the easy methods, which will provide you with great ease to download YouTube videos on your laptop. 

Using Website Services

There are many websites available for downloading YouTube videos. But most of them are not safe to use. If you try to download videos from these websites, malware can be downloaded to your computer. is one of the safe websites to download YouTube videos. Here is the procedure is written, by following this you can easily download your video. 

  • First of all, go to the video which you want to download.
  • Play the video and copy the URL, by clicking on the share button near the like button. 
  • Now browse the website on any browser, and open it.
  • Here is a place to paste the URL of the video. Paste the copied link of the video and click on the download button.
  • Now you will get the option for which type of extension you want in your video along with the video quality option.
  • Choose the extension and video quality as your needs. 
  • Now press the download button, after this, your video starts to download.
  • After completing the download, the video will be safe into the download folder of your laptop.
  • Now you can play your video on any video player.

Using The Application

On YouTube, there are many videos that you want to watch even if you have no internet connection. So, to download these videos here is the application. By using this application, you can download any video.

  • Download the YTD Video downloader on your laptop and install it.
  • Now you have to navigate the video you want to download, using the browser. 
  • Copy the link of the video to the clipboard, by pressing the share button in the ribbon. 
  • Now open the YTD video downloader app and press on, ‘enter your URL of the video that you want to download’. 
  • Paste the URL in that column by control V.
  • Now the app asks you to choose the download location on the laptop.
  • Also, choose the quality of your video as your need below the URL.
  • Now press the download button, the program will show the downloading status of the video. 
  • Your video will start to download, and you can get it in the download folder on your laptop.

You can follow these steps and get the favourite video with ease. 

Download The YouTube Videos By Using The YouTube Premium

There is one other prime, and safest option that is also available to download YouTube videos. YouTube Premium is the service provided by YouTube itself for computers and mobiles. Your tube premium requires a subscription. There are many plans are available for subscription. If you are a student, then you can also get a special plan for the student which is much cheaper than other plans. 

In YouTube premium, you can download videos without any limits, and watch them whenever you want. You can watch add free videos online on YouTube. This subscription also provides a music app to listen to break-free music. 

There is one thing to consider. After 48 hours you are not able to access the downloaded video without the internet. You have to reconnect with the internet to prove the validity of your YouTube premium subscription. 

If you want to try YouTube premium then YouTube provides a 1-month free subscription as a free trial. If you are not interested in it after using it, you can easily cancel it before paying.

Using The VLC Media Player

VLC is free to use app for watching videos on Mac and windows. This application provides a chance to download videos on YouTube. It will only take just a few minutes to learn that how to download the YouTube videos.

  • Copy the URL of the video that you want to download.
  • Open the VLC player on the laptop, and click on the media at the top. Open network stream.
  • Now you can see the menu, paste the URL here previously copied. Now click on the open button.
  • After some time, the YouTube video will start, this time depends on the size of the video. 
  • Now click on the tools and then on the media information.
  • In the menu of media information, the location bar is situated at the bottom. Click on this bar and copy this text to the clipboard.
  • Go to any browser and paste the copied location in the search option.
  • You will now reach the page where the video is playing. Click on the three dots on the right side and then clock on the download. 
  • Downloading will start now in the .MP4 extension. 

By following this method, you can easily download any video from YouTube with ease, and this option works perfectly in every case. 


The methods mentioned above are working perfectly for years and you can use any of the methods as per your preferences. Piracy of content is illegal, so you should keep in mind that you are downloading the video for personal and fair use instead of commercial purposes. We hope, this guidepost helped you download music videos of your favourite artist.

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