Top 10 Best Laptop Under Rs 60,000 In India 2023 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Laptops have become an integral part of our life. No matter what profession you are in or the educational course you are pursuing; the laptop is one thing that you would need all the time. Today, even the small grocery shop uses a laptop for inventory maintenance and billing. Similarly, the students need a laptop for their education, assignments and a lot of other things. Working professionals can’t even imagine their life without laptops. Today, there are also a lot of gaming laptops available in the market. Technically, it is safe to say that laptops have replaced desktops because of obvious reasons.

In such a case, many readers & community members reach out to us to find out the best budget for purchasing the laptop. Well, we believe that you will use your laptop for a minimum period of 5 years and in such a case, you should buy a decent configuration. Considering all those aspects, a budget of Rs 60,000 should be good enough, and you should be able to get a reliable & sturdy laptop in a given budget. The next question is which laptop you should buy in Rs 60,000 budget. We are going to help you make a choice. Move on to the next section to find out the best laptops under Rs 60,000 in 2023.

Best Laptop Under Rs 60,000 Reviews For 2023

In this section, we have listed the top 10 options available under Rs 60,000. We have tried to cover different brands so that you can find a brand that you like the most. Go ahead and check out the details in the section below.

#1. Lenovo Ideapad S340 Intel Core i5Core i5 Lenovo

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Lenovo is one of the most reputed brand names when it comes to the laptop. This option from Lenovo is quite a loaded option. It comes with Intel Core i5 10th Generation processor, and it also has a 512 GB SSD hard disk. Apart from this, the laptop has 8 GB DDR4 RAM, and the best thing is that the laptop has NVIDIA 2GB Graphic Card. The screen size of this laptop is 35.56 cm which translates to roughly 14 inches.

The brand provides a pre-loaded MS Office for Home and Windows 10 on this laptop. You get a lifetime validity on the windows license. This laptop is lightweight, and it weighs just 1.6 Kgs. Apart from this, the laptop has an integrated webcam, card reader and a backlit keyboard. The battery can last 8.5 hours with a full charge.


  • Integrated NVIDIA Graphics Card
  • Amazing Customer Support
  • Compact & Portable
  • Pre-Installed Office & Windows 10
  • Decent Battery Life


  • Poor Webcam Quality

#2. Mi Notebook Horizon Edition 14 Intel Core i7Core i7 Mi Notebook

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Most of the brands will offer you i5 processors, in the given budget, but the best part about this laptop from Mi is that you can get an Intel Core i7 10th generation processor. The laptop is very compact & it is just 1.35 Kg in weight. The anti-glare screen has a high resolution, and it is a delight to use the laptop. The laptop comes pre-loaded with Windows 10.

Apart from this, the laptop has 8 GB DDR4 Ram and a 512 GB SSD. This laptop also has an NVIDIA 2GB GPU. It is a perfect business laptop, and even students can use it for their education. 


  • Intel i5 10th generation processor.
  • Compact & Lightweight with 1.35 Kg weight.
  • Features fast charging
  • Classic metallic design.
  • Pre-loaded windows 10


  • Missing webcam
  • Missing backlit keyboard

#3. Microsoft Surface GO 2GO 2 Microsoft

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Microsoft Surface is one of the most aspirational laptops available in the market. It comes with a specialized processor, and it is also loaded with Windows 10 that is customized to offer a better experience. The display has a very high resolution, and it also comes with Gorilla Glass 3. The touchscreen is a delight to use. There is also an integrated graphic card on this laptop.

The average battery life is 10 hours, and the laptop can be used as a tablet as well. On the downside, the accessories for this laptop can be pretty expensive, and you would not like it. The keyboard, Pen and Mouse need to be purchased additionally.


  • Touchscreen with pen support.
  • Intel Gold Processor for optimal power usage.
  • Compact 10.5 inch screen
  • It can be used as a tablet.


  • Only 128 GB SSD
  • Keyboard & Mouse needs to be purchased separately

#4. ASUS VivoBook 14 (2020), Intel Core i5Core i5 ASUS

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Asus is yet another very reliable brand in India. If you are a fan of Asus, then you should check out VivoBook 14 from the brand. This model features a 14 inches screen, and it also comes with Intel i5 10th generation processor. The laptop is thin, and it has 8GB DDR4 RAM. Apart from this, the laptop has a 512 GB SSD.

The laptop also comes preloaded with Windows 10 and Office 2019 Pack. The fingerprint reader on the laptop helps you secure your data, eliminating the need to remember every password. The battery lasts for about 6 hours, and this laptop is certainly worth a look.


  • High performance laptop
  • Thin & compact.
  • Integrated fingerprint sensor
  • Eye care mode for reducing strain on the eyes
  • Great customer service


  • GPU Lacks Power

#5. HP 15 11th Gen Intel Core i5Core i5 HP

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At number 5, we have a laptop from HP, and this is one of the latest offerings from the brand. It comes with Intel i5 11th generation processor, and the frequency of the processor is up to 4.2 GHz. The processor has an 8MB L3 cache. The laptop also has 8GB DDR4 RAM and a 512 GB SSD.

There is an integrated graphics card in this laptop with Intel UHD Graphics. You also get pre0loaded windows and Microsoft office packs. This laptop is good enough for students, working professionals and business owners as well. The battery can easily last for 8 hours which is a very decent number. If you love HP, then you can certainly consider this option.


  • 512 GB SSD with 11th generation i5 processor.
  • Pre-installed Windows 10.
  • High performance & very fast.
  • WLED Backlit screen.


  • Not very portable
  • Missing backlit keyboard

#6. MSI Modern 15, Intel 10th Gen. i510th Gen. i5 MSI Modern

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Not many of you would know about this brand, but we still want you to check out the specifications of this laptop from MSI. This laptop comes with Intel i5 10th generation, and it has a screen size of 15.6 inches. The laptop also has 8GB DDR4 RAM, and it comes with a 512 GB SSD. There is an integrated graphic card, and the laptop is available in classy carbon grey colour.

The weight of the laptop is 1.6 Kg, and it is very compact. You get a standard one year warranty with the laptop. One thing that we liked about the laptop is the presence of USB-C since this makes it easy to connect to the iPhone and other devices that come only with a USB-C port.


  • Backup of 10 hours on a single charge.
  • Backlit keyboard
  • Features Cooler Boost 3
  • Integrated USB-C Port
  • Great Discounts


  • Brand Value
  • Poor webcam resolution

#7. Acer Swift 3 SF313-52Acer Swift

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Acer Swift 3 is the next option on our list, and this laptop comes with a 13.5-inch screen. The laptop is powered by a 10th generation Intel i5 processor, and it also has 8 GB DDR 4 Ram. The processor has a maximum frequency of 3.7 GHz, and this delivers quite a fantastic performance. To improve the speed of data read-write, the laptop features a 512 GB SSD. The keyboard has a backlit keyboard along with a fingerprint reader. 

The widescreen has a Full HD resolution, and you can easily watch movies on this laptop during your free time. The weight of the laptop is just 1.2 Kg, and it is one of the lightest options in the market. The power management in this laptop is so exceptional that it gives a backup time of 17 hours. 


  • High Performance Laptop
  • 17-hour battery life
  • Weight is only 1.19 Kg.
  • Available at an affordable price
  • USB-C Port available


  • Keyboard lacks feedback

#8. Dell Inspiron 5406 11th Gen11th Gen Dell Inspiron

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Many people love Dell because of the customer support, and if you are also a fan of Dell, this is the laptop for you. The laptop features a touchscreen, and it can be used in tablet mode as well. The 14-inch screen makes the laptop compact and the active Pen provided makes it even more fun to use. The configuration of this laptop is on the lower side, so you will not be able to use memory-intensive applications on that.

Still, the laptop offers 256 GB SSD along with integrated graphics. The brand also provides McAfee anti-virus along with lifetime Windows 10. The presence of USB-C also helps in connecting the device to the laptop. The additional features like the Maxx Audio Pro & Fingerprint reader make it even easier to use the laptop.


  • Tablet Mode & Touch screen
  • Active Pen included in the pack
  • Privacy camera shutter
  • USB-C Port
  • Fingerprint Reader


  • Only 4 GB RAM
  • I3 can be a deal-breaker

#9. Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 5 AMD Ryzen 5IdeaPad Lenovo

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Here is another option available from Lenovo, and this one features an AMD process. AMD is finding higher acceptability in the market and all the credit goes to Ryzen series processors. The thickness of the laptop is just 17.9 mm, and it also has a front-facing Dolby speaker. The laptop also has a backlit keyboard along with a fingerprint reader and device management applications.

The battery capacity is 57 Wh, and it can deliver a backup of up to 8 hours. The windows loaded in this laptop comes with lifetime validity. With an 8GB DDR4 Ram & 512 GB SSD, the memory is enough for you for daily work. The camera quality could have been better, but overall, the laptop is excellent.


  • Front-facing Dolby Speaker
  • Fingerprint Reader
  • Backlit Keyboard
  • Narrow Bezel & tablet mode
  • Complimentary accidental protection.


  • No Ethernet port.

#10. HP Pavilion FHD Gaming LaptopLaptop HP Pavilion

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If you are looking for a gaming laptop in the given budget, it is worth exploring this machine. The laptop has a 15.6 inches screen and a Ryzen 5 Series processor, 4GB DDR4 RAM and 1 TB HDD. The laptop comes pre-loaded with Windows 10, and it also features an open command centre. The display’s bezel is very thin & the laptop also features an advanced thermal management system that keeps the laptop cool.

The sound quality of the laptop is good & the brand also allows you to upgrade to SSD. The GPU in this system is very powerful. If you like to have proper control of your system, then this laptop is for you.


  • Large 15.6-inch screen.
  • Ryzen 5 Series process with 1 TB Hard drive
  • Ideal for Gaming & High Performance Tasks
  • Loaded with 


  • HDD is used instead of SSD.
  • Only 8 GB DDR4 RAM.

How To Choose The Best  Laptop Under Rs 60,000

If you are a newbie or not a technical person, we understand that you might face some difficulties buying a laptop. In this section, we have covered all the points that you must consider while buying a laptop. You can go through the points below – 


You can start by selecting the screen size. Most people settle for a 13 inch as that is enough for doing the work and entertainment purposes. You can also check the technology used in the display, and you will also find the laptops with the touchscreen input. Understand your requirements in terms of the screen size & type.


While the screen size is essential, an essential part of choosing the laptop is the processor. Choose between AMD & Intel and select the processor that you want. Intel i7 & i5 are reliable processors, and it is the same for AMD Ryzen. You should also check the generation of the processor along with cache details.


The next thing is the battery life of the laptop. You can check the battery’s capacity, and then you can also check the backup that your laptop will provide. Apart from this, you can check if your laptop has an external or internal battery. The external battery is easier to replace.


If you often carry your laptop with you, you should also check for the portability associated with the laptop. You can check the laptop’s overall dimensions, and you should also check for the weight of the laptop. Apart from this, ensure that the brand offers a bag to you with the laptop to carry your laptop safely.


In terms of the memory, only opt for the laptop that is loaded with the SSD. You should also get a minimum of 256 GB SSD as this will help you in storing the media files & installing heavy applications. Anything less than 256 GB may call for an early upgrade of the memory.

Ram Size

RAM also plays an essential role in the speed of the laptop. Most of the laptops are equipped with a minimum of 8GB RAM. You can assess if that is enough or if you want more RAM, then you should request an upgrade. You should also check if you have additional slots in the laptop for increasing the RAM at a later point.

Pre-Loaded Operating System

Many manufacturers sell laptops without the operating system. They often charge a slight premium for the laptops with the pre-loaded operating system. You should always buy the laptops with Windows/Linux installed on them, and you should also check the version of the OS.


The next thing is the brand of the laptop. You might want to settle for your favourite brand but understand the USPs of the brand. In addition to this, you should also check the service centres near your area. We recommend opting for a reliable brand instead of buying assembled laptops.

Warranty & Support

While buying the laptop, the last thing you should consider is the warranty policy, support, and on-site service availability. Settle for something that offers good customer service. You can also check the public forums to learn about the brand’s support. Some of the brands also offer additional accidental warranties free of cost for the first year.

Final Verdict

We hope you are able to find the best machine according to your needs & budget. Most of these laptops are capable enough to help you with CPU intensive tasks. You can also go through the buying guide to understand your requirements. We recommend opting for a slim laptop to not face any trouble while travelling with the laptop. 

Also, whenever you buy the laptop, we highly recommend purchasing the extended warranty and the accidental warranty. The extended warranty can be purchased right when you are buying the laptop. The extended warranty will cover any repair cost in many years to come. So, go ahead and opt for your favourite laptop but don’t forget to check the additional accessories you are getting with the machine.

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